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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Guest post by Anita using OPI "spotted" and Essence polishes.

Before I let you all read the wonderful Anita's post I want to just say this is one of my HUGEST lemmings. I want this OPI so badly. I didn't even tell her that. She just chose this mani on her own and was thrilled with her choice. So this is a real treat today. Don't forget to check out more by Anita over on her blog and she also has a facebook page:)  Now, on to the good part...........

Hey guys! My name is Anita from IntensePolishTherapy! (=

I am so honoured to be a guest poster, I am very new to my blog so being featured on someone

else's blog is just a whole new experience
I have been doing a lot of indie swatching on my blog so I'm happy to have been given this

opportunity & I am hoping to run with it by doing something different. I am gonna be over

lapping some colours & then adding the super awesome OPI SPOTTED over top. So let's get started.

The first thing is the products I am using which are:

Base coat: INGLOT #04 Nail Whitener

Nail Polishes Essence #108 Ultimate Pink, Essence #128 Let's Get Lost & OPI Spotted.

Top Coat: Seche Vite

Now for the how to... Of course I applied my base coat INGLOT #04 Nail Whitener, then I let it 

completely dry which was about 5 minutes (Just to be safe).

Then I started to paint my pinky using Essence #108 Ultimate Pink, wiping most of the product

off of the brush, starting at the cuticle painting about 1/4 of the way down my nail. I did the same step on my middle finger & thumb.
After that I took Essence #128 Let's Get Lost doing the same application but on my ring & pointer finger.
About another 5 minutes later starting on the pinky I took Essence #128 Let's Get Lost & started over lapping over a bit of the pink but not to much. I did this to the middle finger & thumb as well.
Next I took Essence #108 Ultimate Pink again on my pointer & ring finger I started over lapping over a bit of the the blue but not to much.
I continued doing this until I got to the free edge. Which for my nails was all together 4 times (=

After I let my nails dry I took OPI Spotted wipe both sides of the brush & applied a very thin coat of polish to my nails. Allowed them to dry for about another 5 minutes then I applied my Seche Vite for my top coat. (=

LOL well I hope I explained that well enough

that you could follow & understand what I meant.

Take care & I hope you have an awesome weekend !!

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  1. Hi everyone, Anita is a fantastic nail blogger, i love her writing, my fav polish here is Essence #108 Ultimate Pink,