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Monday, 23 September 2013

Lush LAcquer "Clowning around"

Hey Hey,
So, it seems I have been starting my posts with this same message lately, but, sorry I haven't been around all that much..."who I am sorry to, well you! My one loyal reader!! LMAO!) My next post is a catch up of the Monday mani challenges but, I have something that I am so excited to share with you guys tonight!
First of all, if you know my blog even just somewhat well, you know how much I LOVE Lush Lacquer nail polishes!! They're one of my fav inide brands ever!!! And I can not say enough good about them and you may also know how excited I was and how badly I wanted some of their new neon polishes! WELL.....YUP! I got the one I wanted the most to share with you guys, "clowning around". This polish is just as fun as it's name.

Clowning around: as described on their site "♥ Clowning Around is FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!!! You all have been asking for NEON glitter polishes so here we go...... Clowning Around is a clear base polish with bright neon colors scattered throughout it! We use only hexes in different sizes in this beauty. We have neon pink, neon orange, neon yellow, neon green, neon blue and neon purple glitters throughout this color combination. This polish looks gorgeous over EVERY COLOR! I get a ton of compliments when I wear this combination! The larger pieces tend to sink to the bottom or attach to the sides of the bottle due to their weight, so please fish for them and shake your bottle up and down and side to side to grab these glitters after every few nails! All of these transparent glitters are very thin so they like to cause trouble for some of us and they come out like a breeze with most of us! Please be prepared to use the "dab and place method" with all of our new neon glitter polishes. Just remember to shake your bottle upside down in-between every few nails and these glitters will disperse throughout the bottle and attach to our new fantastic brush.This polish should have a base coat color and should have 2 to 3 coats application on top of your base color choice. It has a smooth finish after applying 2 coats of a top coat or gelous. Please apply a thick top coat to seal in the glitter and allow for a smooth finish! Happy Polishing!!! :0) 

So yea, I couldn't have described it better! It's a clear polish with a bunch of neon glitters which makes for a fun top coat for many colors! I have two different mani's to show you guys. I have only seen mainly swatches over white, so I did that as well but I also did it over a skittles of colors. I also found that, unlike the description, there was not much fishing needed. Considering the type of polish it is, fishing was very minimal. Let's get on to the pictures. I will start of with the skittles mani:)

Colors used for this mani are, from thumb to pinkie: Essie "Fiji", OPI "Gargantuan green grape", Essie "full steam ahead", Essie "in the cab-ana" Essie "The more the merrier".
Also, just FYI, the lil air bubbles you see in my mani have absolutely NOTHING to do with the polish itself. It is a result of me using "Seche vite" as my top coat. Not a result of "Clowning around". Same with the "dents' you can kind of see. This has happened with other mani's when I have used "SV" and I have not seen this in other swatches of "Clowning around"
                                                               Clowning around
                                                      (over colorful skittles, in sun)

I know those lil air bubble are distracting but in real life, you don't see them. It isn't at all like it seems on the picture.

I especially love it over "Fiji" (thumb) and "in the cab-ana" (ring finger)


Wanted to show a macro shot of it over my two fav colors:)

And I can see why a lot of people choose to put it over white. It is just gorgeous. SO here is my take of it over OPI "Alpine snow"

                                                                         In the sun

IT really does "POP" over white!!!

Just look at those neon colors!! UGH! I just love it! The mixture of bright neons, the shapes....

Some macro shots!!

And just cause I never do, here is my right hand....

Ok, so COME ON!!! gorgeous, right??? And I don 't mean my nails, sounding all "OH MY! LOOK at my nails" This polish is just so awesome it will look great on any nails!!! I have often wanted a polish SO BADLY, as was the case with this one and then, once I get it, have it not live up to expectations. This one was beyond what I expected! I can not express my love for it enough and the proof, for me is the fact that not only did I wear the polish twice, so close together (I own a lot of polish, so most, get used once, some I use regularly for certain base colors , perfect example, the OPI "Alpine snow" is my go to white, but for the most part I use a polish once and some get used again but there will be a long break in between and I have so many polishes that I have yet to use, for the most part I have not gotten back around to using most , for a second time, yet), but I only had one different mani in between, speaks volumes! And I am already looking forward to wearing it again! As a full mani or I know I will be reaching for it quite often, even just for an accent nail. I think this is a must for every polish collection. If you don't own any indies, this is one I believe you need! 
I have a little something I feel I must add here. I got this bottle and another I was really excited to own, "Blue gypsy". I did wear it, however, I had a few issues with it. It was really thick and the final result just did not look right to me. So, I contacted Lush lacquer on their facebook page and got a response right away. Now, I am not going to start any thing or name any names, but I have had a few problems with indie polishes in the past and did the same thing. Contacted them and, I won't be rude or anything but just state what my problem is. For the most part, I get a response, stating so and so, or asking for pictures (absolutely understandable) but I have gotten my share of rude responses and no response at all (after numerous attempts to contact). Anyhow, point I am getting at and yes, there is one, is I contacted them and explained my situation, as I already said and the response I got was beyond helpful, friendly and above all respectful and more than willing to help. I was actually even given a phone number to call to talk about the situation in more detail and when I didn't call (because, I am the worlds worst procrastinator)  I got a second response, just as nice as the first one saying for me to call and suggesting what I should do to fix my problem. There is no excuse and it's all on me, but I still didn't call. I am in Canada, so calling long distance isn't cheap. I have to wait till after 6 p.m. my time, and then I am not sure how late it is for her....But that is not the reason at all. It is all on me just being busy and procrastinating  But I felt the need to share this with you guys. It's one thing that I find goes either way with indie polishes. I either get a great response/interaction with the maker or it's the total opposite. I find, not to sound conceded or anything, but we are the ones who are buying their polishes and supporting them so the very least they can do is answer us back. And I don't mean they have to be as friendly as Lush Lacquer was. Just a response is expected. And I get some are busy and probably get A LOT so, I know it doesn't mean I will get one right away but when you're ignored or get a rude response, for me, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. ANYHOW, here I go again, just going on and on and on.... The point I am trying to make is that Lush Lacquer was not only nice to me they went above and beyond to accommodate me and did not by any means make me feel bad or stupid for asking what I did. So, A+ for them on the customer service front and, of course, you know I say A ++++ for their polishes!!! OMG!! HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR NEW HALLOWEEN COLLECTION?!?!?! UGH! Just when I finally get my hands on some neons (oh and they released more neons also! Just as gorgeous as this one!) they release more goodies!! I can not suggest to you all enough that you should absolutely go have a look for yourself! Here again is their facebook page and here is their etsy page. And trust me, I know for some of us, indie polishes are expensive. I am not one who can afford to go and buy all the new collections out there. I WISH!! I was one who used to think "WHAT?? Why would I pay x amount for polish from someone I don't even know??" but I have grown to not only love, but appreciate indie polishes. And not all are, but you find the right ones and you know that it is made from a fellow polish lover like yourself who just loves what they are doing and it shows in their work. So, some can be pricey but I do believe everyone deserves a few in their stash. If I want, no make that NEED some bad enough, I won't buy polish for, say a month, from stores, and then the money I didn't spend, I can use that to buy some:) If you have yet to purchase an indie, I say go for it, give it a try and lush lacquer is a perfect place to start. But if you get addicted, don't come yelling at me!!! I don't have anyone to yell at for my addiction!! LOL. Anyhow, I have written way more than usual here but I really wanted to share that.
ANYWAYS, what do you guys think of this polish? Own any Lush lacquer polishes?? If so which ones?? Love to hear from all of you:)

Till next time..............

*All polishes used in this post were purchased with money from my own pocket. All opinions are my own and none are influenced in any way.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Set fire to the rain by LynBDesigns over Zoya "Arizona"

Hello my fellow polish loving souls,
How are you all doing? All is well I hope. Are you ready to see a pretty that will just make your polish loving soul happy?? Because I got something that I believe just may do that. I mean, it did it for me!!! I believe I have told you all (ha..."all" as in a have so many followers, right?!?!?! Not being conceited at all...just my way of writing, k? I appreciate my few fellow, loyal before that I am obsessed with polishes that have creme bases with glitter in them....know what I mean??? Well let me show you some examples...THIS is a great example, as is this one and this one and especially this one!..So, now that you know what I am talking about, what I love...I have another one to show you guys today:) This one is from another indie brand by the name of LynBDesigns and the polish is "Set fire to the rain". Now, most of these polishes work great on their own, and that is how I usually always wear them but I learned, by doing it with one of them, that if you use a base coat that is the same or close to the base creme, you end up using a lot less polish and avoid having to deal with a messy mani from it being thick from having too many coats. So, since this has a base of orange, the closest I found in my stash to it was Zoya "Arizona", which was an orange I had seen, fell in love with and wanted forever. I finally got it and had yet tried it so this was the perfect opportunity. Anyhow, here I go again...just babbling on..lets get to the pictures, right?? But first, as always, a bit about the polishes....

Zoya: "Arizona" : a warm, medium orange with a creme finish. Not the exact same as the orange in the polish I used with it, but very close but by no means a neon color.. . I was using it as a base, so, was opaque in two thin coats, but if I had been wearing it alone, I would have most likely used three, generous coats.
LyBDesigns: "Set fire to the rain": OMG! How can I describe this to express it's true beauty....?!?! It's a gorgeous, neon-ish orange  creme with orange/red strips and hexes. LynBDesings describes it as "A neon light orange filled with red orange strips and small hexes. It screams fire to me. With all neons there's potential for staining, so please use a base coat."

So the pictures you are about to see are two very thin coats of ZOYA "Arizona" with two coats of "Set fire to the rain" topped of with a heavy coat of seche vite.

HEHEHE!! Enough talk right? Anxious to see pics?!?!?! OK...OK....Here we go....


I MEAN!!! COME ON!! Just look at this...How can you not like it? Really?! I mean, even myself, I am not a huge orange lover, most people, it seems aren't but this is just....umm...just gorgeous!! The orange is perfect, the hexes are the perfect complimentary color...everything just goes together perfectly!

If you know what a "jelly sammich" mani is well you can see, especially in this picture why i describe this as a "jelly sammich" in a bottle...

I just love the look of this!!!!

HEHEHEHE! Even the bottle is so pretty!

In the shade
Even without sun, you still have a vibrant, colorful mani!

So. there it is! Gorgeous, no? NO! NOT my swatches, but the polish itself. I absolutely love this polish! I must say, sometimes when working with cremes that have a glitter base, they are hard. They get thick very easily and the end result just looks awful but this polish was the absolute opposite. It went on nice and thin can see how it kind of looks like a "jelly sammich" in a bottle! Anyhow, I am in love. I have another LynBDesign that I have not yet tried. It's called "Boardwalk empire" and after using this one, I am even more excited to try that one out and did I mention, it's BLUE!! HAHAHAH!
Anyhow, I loved the look of this and look forward to trying my other one out and getting more. You can check out her shop on etsy here.  But beware, this polish is just the tip of the iceberg...there are so many pretties in her shop, it should not be allowed!! lol....MY wishlist is just growing!!! Anyhow  hope you guys enjoyed this post and can't wait to share with you guys my other one. I have been busy lately and my posts have been sporadic, to say the least. I just started a new job so been busy but no worries (in case any I have still been doing my nails and always take pics of my mani. So, I have A TON of pics to go through that will end up being posts....
But, anyhow, back to this post, what do you guys think of this polish? Do you share your love of "Cremes with glitter" polishes with me? Do you own any LynBDesigns? If so, which ones? If not, which would you love to try? If it's anything like my list, it's a long one!!! 
Well, hope you guys enjoyed my post and will be back with more shortly. As always, I love to hear from all of you, so comment away:) 

Till next time............... xxx


*All polishes in this post were purchased by me and are my own , honest opinion. This polish was not given to me for a review.