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Friday, 28 September 2012

Unknown polish. Can you name it?

SO my friend gave me this polish but it has no label and therefore, no name:( It is just a gorgeous blue (my fav) sparkly polish. It is a bit on the thick side but in a way, its not a bad thing. It goes on real thick, without and streaks and takes only one coat. Can you help me name it??

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

365 days of color "too pink to function" and "soak up the sun"

So, if you read the previous post, where I was going to originally post these pics and the review, you now know that showing you my nail mail haul was longer then I expected and HECK, these polishes deserve their own post! So, I had seen these polishes around for a while and loved a lot of swatches I saw but never got around to getting any. Then I heard she was having a "free shipping" sale going on. I am a sucker for any type of sale. Especially with me being in CAnada where at times the shipping is more then the order and often not worth getting what I want. This certainly caught my attention. I am very glad it did because I am quite pleased with the polishes. I must say whereas sales get my attention, if the product is a good one, I will be a returning customer which is the case with these. SO I got two polishes. I choose "too pink to function" and " soak up the sun". I LOVE white polishes with glitter, such as "JAwbreaker" "party on my yacth" and "birthday cakes". I own all but jawbreaker (LEMMING!), so there was a white one that cuaght my eye but then I saw "soak up the sun" and since I dont like getting a lot of similar polishes, I was even hesitant about this one but then I decided to try it out. It is yellow, not white and I liked the swatches I saw. ( I hugely rely on swatches from others to make decisions) . I saw and liked a lot more. She has a great variety and I had a hard time choosing. At frist I did nto want "too pink to function" since I own so many pink polishes and so many sparkle polishes, I figured I could probably replicate it and be pretty darn close if I wanted to. BUT, as always, I looked at swatches and was hooked and boy am I glad I went with it! I thought fopr sure "soak up the sun" was going to be my favourite but I was wrong....

 Here are the two bottles. Lately, I have been making polish rings with a lot of my polishes. These two were no exception. On these pictures, the ring base is not yet added. It is just the stone. I will be making a post about rings, but just in case you were wondering what they were, you now know:)

 Look at all that glittery goodness. Isnt it just beautiful??

Before I continue with pictures, I must say that some are pre clean up. Now I know, because I have read it from numerous places, that this gets on alot of peoples nerves. I was just so excited, as I usually am, and take pictures right away. SO if you see a mess, it is pre clean up but I did, for you guys that hate it, take some after I cleaned up:)

 ISnt it just so pretty? It was a prefect application as well. This is 3 coats and 2 did the trick. I just like to make sure that there is no VNL. I just cant stand VNL for some reason....

 and look at all the sparkles on each nail. And this is without any digging. With 2 coats, you get enough on each nails.

 Just look at all that sparkly goodness in the bottle!!!!

Lil bunny is also happy with "to pink to function" if you could see him, you would see that he was dancing!!!

Now I know that this is a lot of pictures, but trust me, I took ALOT!!! I hope that you guys notice tht the picture quality is a bit better. Did any of you notice that? I got a new digital camera and am learning how to use it. It takes much better pictures then my web cam. Do you agree? PLEASE let me know. I know I still have a lot of learning to do, but even I do notice that they pictures are clearer and you can see the polish much  better.

Now, another issue I have is that I NEVER show my left hand. I am a smoker (yes I know...YUCK!! disgusting! things I tell myself daily and I am trying really hard to quit.) and my left hand is just yucky! I am a VERY pale person, being a red head will do that to you, so my left hand is stained. It is something I hate and I am disgusted with. I originally did my right hand all pink and made my ring finger "soak up the sun" and made my left hand the opposite with the index of that hand being "too pink to function" but I did not like the way it looked. Whereas "too pink to function" was a dream to work with and apply, "soak up the sun" is a very thick polish. It goes on thickly and clumpy. Now that is expected with polishes that are filled with sparkles. I am actually surprised at how well the pink went on. And I have had much worse. I did not yet, but I am thinking that if I just add a bit of thinner (which I have seen a lot of people do) it should be better. I am just worried about using it since I never have before. I do not want to use too much and ruin my polish so I am iffy on using it. I mean it is a bit hard to work with but not impossible....

So as I said, please dont mind my yucky, yellow stained fingers.... I hate them enough as is....

So as you can see from the pictures, "soak up the su" is much thicker and chunkier. It does not have such a smooth coat.

So, what do you guys think of these polishes? Can you see my pictures better? Do you own any of these? If so which? If not, would you like any? Let me know. Hope you liked my post. I know I add a lot of pictures, but yea, I take ALOT, and even this are hard to dwindle down to.....LMAO!!! 

"manglaze" "Nubar" "zoya" "girly bits" "hits" nail mail haul!!!

SO this week has been a great NAIL MAIL WEEK!! and it is only Wednesday!! On Monday, I got my order from 365 days of color. "to pink to function" and "soak up the sun". I will be showing swatches of them today but before I do that, I would love to show what else I got. On Tuesday, I got my order from manglaze which I have been wanting forever. ESPECIALLY lesbihonest. That and floam were my first two indie lemmings I wanted. I am proud to say I now own both:) I also got my order from nail polish canada which is a site I order from quite frequently since it is the only place for me to get Zoya and other polishes. This time I got a Zoya (Crystal, my name but spelled differently) and 3 Nubars. My first ones.

Here is my WAY AWESOME order from Manglaze!!!!!

 SO cool that they include stickers, little postcards, tiny tattoos AND guitar picks! Could not be happier.
and since the day before, I had got my 365 of colors , I just did my nails so I have not yet tried them, just the swatches on the wheel made me giggle with excitement. As I mentioned, Lesbihonest, along with floam, were my first two indie lemmings I wanted. They were, in a way, my intro to indie polishes. It took a scam and then an honest person to finally get my hands on floam and when I saw manglaze was having a sale, I jumped on it. So, obviously, swatches of these will be coming very soon!

Then after all the excitement from opening this package, I still had the other one from Nail polish Canada. These orders always come very quickly. When you buy 25$ or more, you get free shipping, so I am able to choose the quickest one possible. I also noticed that the return address is only, about, 15-18 blocks away from me, so I always get it within 2 days. These are what I got.

So of course I was so happy with the manglae but that is not to take away at all from these polishes. I was very pleased with these as well. These are my first Nubars and the pink sparkly one "Prize" is a gorgeous, holographic polish!! The others are "caramelo" which I got because I must start getting some fall"ish" colors, after a summer filled with neons and brights! I LOVE the way this one looks. The other one is "purple fire" On blogs it looked purple and very pretty, but I swatched it and there is NO purple to it. Perhaps I have to apply it to my nails, possibly as a top coat. We will see,. AS with all I will be showing here, swatches will be up very soon. The other polish I got is my third Zoya, "Crystal. That is my name by the way. I had a very hard time choosing what I wanted. I should mention that all these nubars were on sale and sales do usually , strongly affect my choice. I was lucky that "Crystal" looked really pretty in swatches I saw online and the one I did myself was not too bad.

So that leaves today, Wednesday. Just when I thought the week was an epic nail week I got my llarowe order. Isnt it odd that you make orders, at times weeks from each other, as all these are, yet they all arrive within days of each other??! I went a week and a half, checking the mailbox and getting excited when the mail lady walked by, just to have nothing for me, but then all at once, BOOM! But, last but not least, today I got my order from llarowe. This is the second time I order from this site. I forget to mention that with nail polish canada, you get points with every order you make. Then when you have enough points, you can get a free item. It does take quite a few, but I am on my way. It is pretty much what the born pretty store offers, if you are familiar with it. SO with this order I got another lemming I have wanted for awhile. Girly bits "shift happens" (love the name)  All swatches I have seen are gorgeous! I can NOT wait to try this over oh so many colors!!! Another lemming I wanted was the "mari moons" from hits, which, as I usually go by, had swatches to die for! And since I love sparkles and ALL polishes that are blue, I got the MTV bleu sparkly one.

 MAri moons, from what I have seen in swatches, changes colors on your nails. "duo chrome" as they are called. And I usually dont go for polishes that are not a polish on their own. Meaning if it was all I had, it would not do anything on my nails. The only one I own is matte tops coats (which I love) I believe. Along with all the Essie luxeeffects and a few others. But being an indie polish that tends ti make a dent in the wallet, I usually want a polish that is a polish (if that makes sense) but from what I saw "shift happens" does wonders as a top coat and I am very happy to own it and excited to try it out. I am being repetitive but swatches are coming ASAP.

WEll, I was going to add my review/swatches of my 365 days of color on this post but it is quite a bit longer then I expected and I have quite a few pictures so I will make a post for it all on its own. SO I guess, and I apologize  this is a "LOOOK WHAT I GOT" post. I am sorry for that. I do get excited when I get new polishes and I know that this community is the only people that can understand and appreciate it. Most are just like "Yea, uh-huh! so you got nail polish" You paid how much?? But dont you already have a bunch of pink and blue(so on) polishes? why you need more? SO I know if you are a follower, you do understand how I feel. But please dont leave yet. I will post right now my swatches of my 2 365 days of color polishes and you dont want to miss it! they are gorgeous!!!! But what do you guys think of this post. Do you own any "manglaze" "356 days of color" "nubar" "zoya" "girly bits" "hits" and if so which ones?? Which are your favourite sites to purchase polishes online? What do you think of the ones I got here??? Love to hear what you guys have to say! So let me know.... :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

HBL giveaway

HEy all,
well this is just a quick little post about a giveaway that I wanted to share. It is not nail related but its for hair. Now, those who know me know I complain a lot about my hair!!! It just annoys me. When I was a kid/teen I was teased endlessly for it being so thick. I was NEVER able to do anything with it. In my day, we did not have such great hair straighteners. In my hair they never worked. To get it straight, I had to sit in a chair while someone (usually my ever patient mom) would blow dry it straight for 2 hrs! And with my luck, it ALWAYS seemed to rain the next day. I also was never really able to afford high quality hair products! So after reading about this on the  TheRosySnail 's blog, I really would love to win and try this out! Obviously I wouldnt really need a voluminizer but I love doing friends hair all the time and would love to try their leave in conditioner. The prices are average price as well. SO, that is why giveaways are always fun and great way to try out new things. So, I have added the rafflecopter here for you guys as a way to get mysel some points. If you guys do enter, please tell them that I referred you to it and you can in turn do it for yourself. Good luck to all:) If you win or try any of their products out or have, please let me know. I would love to know what you think about it!:)

here is me and my daddy! This is my hair curly:)

Awful pic but straight hair with streaks:)

straight without streaks and in my pj's....LOL

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 14 September 2012

PRetty and Polished "Punked up Betty" and Essie's "Marshmallow" jelly mani

Hello all,
Well, it has been a while since my last post..... Been busy and such. But NEVER too busy to keep u[p with my nails and such! Today, I have something that I have been wanting to try FOREVER! I have seen so many "Jelly manis" around lately and had to try it. However, out of the almost 200 polishes I have, I could just not find the right sheer polish. I really wanted to do a white one and all the pics I saw were almost all done with Essie's "Marshmallow". I went a looked for one at my local pharmacy, which is where I usually get all my Essie's at. Well, there and Walmart. They did not have it, and neither did all the other places O looked. So I kind of gave up on it and about a month later, back at the pharmacy in my fav section, looking at the polishes, what do I spot? MARSHMALLOW!!! they only had two left so I grabbed it faster then I could say Marshmallow!! HEre is what it looks like in the bottle. It is a very basic white and from what I understand should not be a HTF as it is supposed to be in there core collection. Perhaps a lot of other girls were wanting to do a jelly with it as well...? IT is the perfect white for a jelly many, I must admit.
 THen I had the task of deciding what to use to go with it. I had a hard time deciding but then I figured I would try out the "Punked up Betty" since I had tried it on one finger and not really liked it and did not know what to wear it with. Well, I was quite happy with my choice:) here is "Punked up Betty"

And here is the final outcome!


It sort of reminds me of cookie dough ice cream!!! I dont know why but it makes me crave sweets just looking at my nails:)

as you can see, "Punked up Betty" has some large, silver hexagons in it but with the white put on top for the final layering, they turned to white and you ant really see them all that much. Thats ok with me because I dont really like the hexagons in this particular polish.

 I know it doesn't really look all that much like most jelly mani's and I wish I had taken pictures before I put on the final white on top. It looked really good just "Punked up Betty" over white. I actually liked it better then my final outcome but I was going for a mani:) It is my first try so keep it in mind....

 SEE! It is particularly my index finger that really makes me think of cookie dough (oreo) ice cream! Just look at that!

 Well, there you have it! So, what do you guys think of my first jelly mani? Again, I apologize for the horrible pics I take. I wish I could take clearer pictures.... But you can see it, at least. Have you tried a jelly yet? If so, what did you sue? I really want to try another one and want to do a red and a blue! and of course, use this white again:) And, is anyone going to eat some sweets now??? lol.... Hope you enjoyed my post. Talk to you soon:)