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Its so hard keeping track of all the awesome and generous giveaways going on.n I will try my best to keep track of all here to help us all out:) GOOD LUCK:)

HEres another great one over at Light of the moon nails:) >>>

Here are some lovely catrices to win:)

Awesome indies at this one:) >>>>

Luminous lacquer giveaway:>>>>>


Posh nail art giveaway>

Janet Planet nails giveaway>>>>

Hey all! I have been so busy over the last couple of weeks with the holidays and whatnot, I have not posted much. I will be soon. But until then, I wanted to share a great giveaway taht is happening. It is ending soon though so go FAST!!!!!!

Awesome one with lots of indies:):)>.> over at nails for the sake of sanity

Giveaway over at Naked without polish with 3 winners:)

Heres another great one from "Nailed obsession" enter with this link!

OMG!! WOW!! you all know how I am obsessed with this years line of OPI DS but here is a giveaway for one of the best ones from the last collection! This is an AWESOME giveaway right here>>>

its not polish but its my other addiction!! lip gloss/balm!!! Enter here

lace and lacquers giveaway>

pretty and polished OPI skullicious giveaway>

Galactic Lacquer giveaway>>>

Trick or TReat Giveaway! Lots of goodies:)>>>

Holly and Polish giveaway>

Lauren Lofgren giveaway>

nail drama giveaway>

pinked polish giveaway part 2>
pinked polish giveaway>

lydia's nails giveaway:)

piece of pie giveaway>

OMG!! FLOAM!!! trailerhood chic giveaway>>>

Just in time for halloween!!>

Glazed Talons giveaway:)

OH! this one has Floam AND sand art!! Good luck guys!

HERES another great one to share!


heres another great one:)

remember to follow the blogs if you like them:) its generous to have giveaways:)

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