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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Essie "Naughty Nautical" and "Sunday funday"

So, everyone knows my love for Essie polishes, right?? I love me some cremes and they never disappoint me! Well "Naughty Nautical" is one of their newest collections, with colors that are just perfect for summer and today I have a quick post for you guys. I have a mani with the namesake of the collection "Naughty Nautical" and "Sunday Funday" as an accent nail. I thought these colors went together perfectly and was quite happy with the results. I have the whole line and will show you guys all of them but for today, this is what I have. So, as always, a bit about the polishes.

"Naughty Nautical" The namesake of the collection, it really seems to be a favorite. I know before this collection was released everywhere, I saw people going crazy for this color on the nail pages. I can surely understand why. It's gorgeous! Taken from  "sail the sexy seas and chart a course for adventure in this shimmering, brilliant blue-green nail polish. naughty never looked so nice. "
It is a perfect mixture of green and blue with a slight shimmer, and, as I said, perfect for summer:) My only issue with this polish was that, it stained my nails, terribly, granted, I am a bad girl and did not wear a base coat and I have not heard others say they encountered this. So, my suggestion is make sure you wear a base coat with this pretty.

"Sunday Funday" as described on essie  "turn everyday into a ridiculously good time with this beautiful, tangerine crush coral nail polish with soft shimmer."
This is the perfect, go to color, for the beach. It pops in the sun and complements most skin tones and its FUN! I love it!
Let's get to the pictures, shall we?:)

                                                            IN THE SUN

I think these two colors really go well together, don't you agree? I LOVE this combo!

As you can see, even after 3 coats of each, there is still a very slight VNL with "Sunday Funday". But  very light. Not enough to bug me and I hate VNL!
You can really see the shimmer on "Sunday Funday" in this picture but there is just as much shimmer with "Naughty Nautical" when you're looking at it. I really love the shimmer in this collection.
                                                             IN THE SHADE

So, what do you guys think of this collection? Anyone own any? What is your fav from it? What do you think of my combo? I love to hear from everyone. Hope you guys are enjoying your summer and taking advantage of the good weather (if you have it) and keep those nails polished all summer:) It is, as I always say, the perfect accessory to any outfit! 

*All polishes were purchased with money from my pocket. Nothing has been giving to me for review and all opinions are my own.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Monday Mani week 10. Half moon challenge

Well, I noticed that they're were not as many pictures in this challenge. Even me, myself, I skipped it. I tried but it was just such a failure, I didn't share. I will try again though and hopefully add it in the future. So, to all those that participated, thank-you for taking the challenge head on and sharing , with me, your half moon manis. I see no fails here and thought they were all great. Let's get to the pictures, shall we:)

Here's the lovely Kelly Monaghan from kellykolors. She always does such great, beautiful and flawless mani's. I must admit I am jealous. I wish my half moons looked even half this good. What a great mani! I especially love the reverse, accent finger.

These next to are from Camilla Lindskoug. WHAT a great color combo. These colors go so great together. I love it!

Here is Michele Clinton's half moon mani! Another color combo I am loving!!:)

AH! Anja Andersson...I think it is safe to say that this lady  NEVER fails! (ok yes, we all fail, that is what makes us human, i know. Before someone decides to challenge me on that BUT Anja is close to perfect with her nails and I bet if I saw her "fails" they would look like my mani's! LMAO) I have to say this is another lady I am jealous of! She always does such great mani's and not only does  she do the challenge but takes it that extra step! How cool is that ring finger? And how flawless are her nails? LOVE IT!!!

Jeanie Pou added some bling to her half moons. Cool idea!

These two are from Kathy Smith who's half moon mani matches her new make-up bag. How fun!!

So, there's this week...super late. I have been dealing with some medical issues as of late so I have been behind. So grateful to my good pal Briana Allan for doing 2 weeks in one for me on the last post. She saved my butt, that's for sure! As I said, I failed with this mani but i am DETERMINED to get it right and the good thing about this being my blog, I can add a picture at any time?!?!?! LMAO!!!
There's still a lot more challenges left so don't hesitate to join in the fun!! The more the merrier as I always say! You can email me your subscription or FB it to me or contact me here in a comment and I will help you out! Again, all info about this challenge can be found here. So next up is Stripes. Anyone have anything planned for that one?? I have something in mind:).........

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Monday Manis 8 & 9

Hi everyone,

Krystal has asked me to do an update blog on the Monday Manis as she has been flat out busy and I jumped at the chance.

First we have week #8 with the theme of Animal Print. With a huge range of animals and prints on display this was a really fun week for everyone and put all our artistic skills to the test.

First up some adorable lady bugs by Silke

A tiger print by the ever talented Anja

A girly leopard print by Briana

A zoo full of animal prints from Ivette

A sophisticated leopard print from Lisa

A fun bumblee bee from Kathy

A cute leopard using sticker tip from Deneen

A really beautiful tiger print from Kristina

A fun colourful leopard from our host Krystal
Add caption
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And finally a cute accent leopard from Michele.

Onto week #9 with the theme of all things blue. Light blues, dark blues, cremes, glitters, holos this week had them all.

Some fun blue love heart glitters from Anja

A psycadelic gradient from Jeanie

A sparkly duo from Deneen

Julie using BSOD from Ausie indies Pretty Serious

Karly has used 220 volts from Funky Colors

Silke has gone high end and used Chanel Bel-Argus

A gorgeous holo blue from Camilla

Another holo from one of our new members Maggie, using Aly's Sea Blue

Another holo from Camilla Energy by Jade

Kellee has used  Literary Lacquers Roissey.

I dont know why this picture is here but everytime I try to delete it the whole post deletes so its just going to have to stay here for a bit of random weirdness.

Michele going all blue with Cult Nails Nakizzle's Shizzle and Dance All Night

Briana got the craft scissors out with China Glaze Man Hunt and some random hair

Tamis got her mean girls face on with Boo You Whore

Kristina has her shine on with  Revlon Chroma Chameleon Aquamarine

Karin and her gorgeous ring have used China Glaze Strap On Your Moonboots

Kathy has her hairy nails using China Glaze Caribbean Blue and Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat -Wool Knot

And finally Roni has her sparkle on with Zoyas Liberty which is amazing in person but stained my nails badly.

So there you have it the past two weeks of fun in our little group. Next week is half moons :o I have no idea what I am going to do!

Take care everyone xx

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Ruby white tips "BOO2" and promo code for some of it's polishes!!!!!!!

Hey Hey,
                 How is everyone doing? Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far:) I am, we don't have sun today but it stopped raining so I won't complain. Today, I have for you guys a, beyond gorgeous polish!! First off all, a little story....
I was extremely lucky to have won a giveaway that let me choose any polish that I wanted from rubywhitetips's etsy shop. First of all, I have such a hard time making decisions as it is, put a bunch of beautiful polishes in front of me and, well, let me just say, it was a hard choice. I did finally decide on a polish called "boo2" and I couldn't have chosen a better polish. Secondly, whereas I am lucky and so grateful to have won this polish I am even happier that it got me in contact with Laura Toff, the person behind these polishes and I could not have met a nicer lady. I am always so happy when I meet (well by meet I mean start talking to , online) the people who are behind the polish and they turn out to be so nice. It reminds me why I love supporting indie nail polish. Not only do we get unique polishes, but you know, from talking with Laura, that she truly loves what she does and is just as excited with her polishes as we are. She was just happy to hear that I loved my polish! So, of course, since I always add and talk about polish on my blog, I told her I would do a post about this one and share it with her and she, being such a nice gal, has a surprise for my readers! But, we will have to get through this post first!!! But that's not so bad, is it?? It means, you know it, PICTURES!!!
So, as I already said, the polish I chose was "BOO2". It is just a gorgeous light purple color (lilac-ish , if you will) with a bunch of glitter. UGH, I am not the best when it comes to describing polishes so how about we go right to the source? As described on rubywhitetips's etsy page, Laura had this to say "The color is super vibrant! It's base is blue, but has plenty of undertones of purple. There's some added holo micro sparkles that make it shine even more! This is best with a top coat but is still beautiful without one. One coat is full coverage, 2 coats and the polish lasted close to 2 weeks without chipping!!"  As said, one coat is full coverage but you will see a bit of VNL, so I added 2 coats, and finished it off with seche vite on top. It has a kind of gritty feel to it, before you add the top coat. I,  being someone who is loving all these textured polishes that are the fad right now, actually like the gritty finish of the polish but I just couldn't not add a topcoat to this beauty and I must say it did add the finishing touch.

Also, continuing along with how awesome Laura is, I can't leave out that this polish has a special cause to it. They are in support of (how freaking cute are these guys??!?!?) and being the huge animal lover that I am, I think this is just, beyond awesome. Again, taken from her etsy page, Laura has this to say about it "BOO2 is little cute Peekaboo's boyfriend at Batworld Sanctuary in Texas. In the 2nd picture it's a picture of him smiling at the camera. In the last picture Boo2 is looking at the camera while he seems to be comforting Peekaboo. Boo and Peekaboo hang around and eat fruit and play together.  There has been such a wonderful response to the nail polishes, I'd like to announce right now that I will be continuing to support Amanda in her efforts by making a new polish for her every month or so. I've noticed that most people don't know the truths about these adorable creatures. They still think the myths are true. Helping spread the word by education, and posting on facebook video's will help in changing the way society might see them. I'd like to keep helping in that crusade. And one day, ONE DAY SOON I HOPE, I can see one of those cuties with their nail polish on. How cute would that be?  

Here's a picture of both, taken from her page. OMG! HOW CUTE!!!!

The site is even on the bottle:)

So yeah, not only do you get a gorgeous polish, you're supporting a great cause:) Wanna see the polish?? I bet you do so let's get to it!!!
I have to add that I took pictures on two different days. One days was sunny the other was cloudy. So you can see when there is sun but, I will let you know:)


I love how the glitter is, in a way, subtle. I mean, it's there and you know it but sometimes, I find, glitter over takes the polish and you can't even notice the color. I love the balance of both in BOO2


It just shines in the sun! I couldn't stop looking at my fingers!

DOn't you think this is a perfect purple? At times it's darker, like indoors, but always gorgeous!

UGH! Please don't pay attention to my atrocious cuticles...:(

How cute is this bottle?!?!?!

IT does look a bit darker when inside and not in the sun, but it's really not as dark as this picture makes it seem...

SO, as always, I know, my posts are so picture heavy! But I had such a hard time picking which to include (trust me, there's a lot I didn't add). But, isn't it just gorgeous?? I just love this polish! And, to get  to all the other stuff, besides the look of it, it was super easy to apply. It was fine with one coat and did not even show that much VNL, but you guys know how I hate VNL, but two coats took care of that. You can still see a little bit, but not enough to bother me. As I said, it has a gritty finish to it which I actually like, but my OCD makes me add top coats to all my manis and I think it just finished it off perfectly. So, what do you guys think of it? Have you ever tried any Ruby white tips polishes?? Well, I have some good news for you./ I told you that Laura was a nice gal, didn't I? WELL....she is so nice that she is offering my readers a special deal!! a 15% off your entire order for all polishes (except the mystery bags, which are already on sale). The code is NAILTASTIC (all caps) so now you have no reason not to give them a try:) Especially for this polish, knowing it is going to a good cause, right? If you guys make an order, make sure you let me know what you get, I would love to know. Hope you guys enjoyed yet another post and will have another for you soon:)

PS. I was always lucky enough to get a nail polish bracelet. I have not yet done it, but I will have it on the blog for you guys ASAP! It's just like the nail polish rings I do, but in bracelet form! How awesome is that?

*these polishes were not given to me for review. Albeit, I did win it in a giveaway, I was at no time asked to give them a good review. I liked it so much and I always review polishes on my blog anyhow, I offered and Laura gladly accepted my review. All opinions are my own and not at all influenced.