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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Essie "Naughty Nautical" and "Sunday funday"

So, everyone knows my love for Essie polishes, right?? I love me some cremes and they never disappoint me! Well "Naughty Nautical" is one of their newest collections, with colors that are just perfect for summer and today I have a quick post for you guys. I have a mani with the namesake of the collection "Naughty Nautical" and "Sunday Funday" as an accent nail. I thought these colors went together perfectly and was quite happy with the results. I have the whole line and will show you guys all of them but for today, this is what I have. So, as always, a bit about the polishes.

"Naughty Nautical" The namesake of the collection, it really seems to be a favorite. I know before this collection was released everywhere, I saw people going crazy for this color on the nail pages. I can surely understand why. It's gorgeous! Taken from  "sail the sexy seas and chart a course for adventure in this shimmering, brilliant blue-green nail polish. naughty never looked so nice. "
It is a perfect mixture of green and blue with a slight shimmer, and, as I said, perfect for summer:) My only issue with this polish was that, it stained my nails, terribly, granted, I am a bad girl and did not wear a base coat and I have not heard others say they encountered this. So, my suggestion is make sure you wear a base coat with this pretty.

"Sunday Funday" as described on essie  "turn everyday into a ridiculously good time with this beautiful, tangerine crush coral nail polish with soft shimmer."
This is the perfect, go to color, for the beach. It pops in the sun and complements most skin tones and its FUN! I love it!
Let's get to the pictures, shall we?:)

                                                            IN THE SUN

I think these two colors really go well together, don't you agree? I LOVE this combo!

As you can see, even after 3 coats of each, there is still a very slight VNL with "Sunday Funday". But  very light. Not enough to bug me and I hate VNL!
You can really see the shimmer on "Sunday Funday" in this picture but there is just as much shimmer with "Naughty Nautical" when you're looking at it. I really love the shimmer in this collection.
                                                             IN THE SHADE

So, what do you guys think of this collection? Anyone own any? What is your fav from it? What do you think of my combo? I love to hear from everyone. Hope you guys are enjoying your summer and taking advantage of the good weather (if you have it) and keep those nails polished all summer:) It is, as I always say, the perfect accessory to any outfit! 

*All polishes were purchased with money from my pocket. Nothing has been giving to me for review and all opinions are my own.


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  2. Those colors are fun! Essie is expensive here. nice post :)

  3. I wore and posted this same combo not too long ago. It's gorgeous! Great pictures.