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Friday, 28 June 2013

Monday Mani week 10. Half moon challenge

Well, I noticed that they're were not as many pictures in this challenge. Even me, myself, I skipped it. I tried but it was just such a failure, I didn't share. I will try again though and hopefully add it in the future. So, to all those that participated, thank-you for taking the challenge head on and sharing , with me, your half moon manis. I see no fails here and thought they were all great. Let's get to the pictures, shall we:)

Here's the lovely Kelly Monaghan from kellykolors. She always does such great, beautiful and flawless mani's. I must admit I am jealous. I wish my half moons looked even half this good. What a great mani! I especially love the reverse, accent finger.

These next to are from Camilla Lindskoug. WHAT a great color combo. These colors go so great together. I love it!

Here is Michele Clinton's half moon mani! Another color combo I am loving!!:)

AH! Anja Andersson...I think it is safe to say that this lady  NEVER fails! (ok yes, we all fail, that is what makes us human, i know. Before someone decides to challenge me on that BUT Anja is close to perfect with her nails and I bet if I saw her "fails" they would look like my mani's! LMAO) I have to say this is another lady I am jealous of! She always does such great mani's and not only does  she do the challenge but takes it that extra step! How cool is that ring finger? And how flawless are her nails? LOVE IT!!!

Jeanie Pou added some bling to her half moons. Cool idea!

These two are from Kathy Smith who's half moon mani matches her new make-up bag. How fun!!

So, there's this week...super late. I have been dealing with some medical issues as of late so I have been behind. So grateful to my good pal Briana Allan for doing 2 weeks in one for me on the last post. She saved my butt, that's for sure! As I said, I failed with this mani but i am DETERMINED to get it right and the good thing about this being my blog, I can add a picture at any time?!?!?! LMAO!!!
There's still a lot more challenges left so don't hesitate to join in the fun!! The more the merrier as I always say! You can email me your subscription or FB it to me or contact me here in a comment and I will help you out! Again, all info about this challenge can be found here. So next up is Stripes. Anyone have anything planned for that one?? I have something in mind:).........

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