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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Red Hot Chili Peppers - I Could Have Lied

LOVE THIS SONG!!! RHCP are my FAV band!!!! WHo agrees??

Chirality Cu2+

So, just a quick post...another Chirality, an indie polish that just has GORGEOUS holo's!! I have posted about it before here and, I LOVED "Apollonia" and this one I have tonight is just as gorgeous! I wasn't
 going to post it because I feel that I did not capture great pictures, but... I guess I will just have to make do with what I have... SO as always, a bit about the polish..

CHIRALITY"Cu2+": is a dark blue holo, perfectly opaque in one coat, but as always I used two. It is a gorgeous navy/dark blue holo and I just LOVE IT!!! Chirality's website describes it as "A lonely scientist is working to compose the ultimate love potion. While working in her laboratory, a freak accident involving copper, or Cu2+, infuses to our heroine to create an electronically charged Siren. Who says elements from the periodic table can't be beautiful?
Cu2+ is a teal holographic polish. It is full sized (15 mL) and is available as a 7 mL mini. The polishes are 3-Free. Full sized bottles contain two stainless steel mixing balls and the mini has one stainless steel mixing ball."
Let's get to the pictures, I guess...As I said, they , for some reason, did not take as well as I would have liked... Point being, these pictures do not do this gorgeous polish much, if any, justice......

                                                               In Sunlight

Ah! Just look at that gorgeous dark/navy blue holo! UGH! Seeing as blue is my alltime favourite color, I LOVE this polish! And, yes, I did say these pictures don't do it justice and it's true! It is just so holo-y and gorgeous... UGH! You just need to see it....

I love how holo polishes do that "rainbow" effect!!! LOVE IT! AND YES!! UGH! I see that lil piece of hair on my middle finger.. SO ANNOYING, I KNOW!!!

This polish is just gorgeous in the sun! It's gorgeous the whole time you have it on but then, you will be in the sun and look at your nails and just get lost in them... If you love holo polishes I recommend you try these!!

Yea, so this picture here, by the flowers is me trying to be "Artistically brave"..Stepping outside of the box?? LOL....

LOOK at it in the sun...Just WOW!

Here's a crappy micro shot :P

So, that's that!Wish I had gotten better pictures, but I wish all my bad pictures looked like this polish... Anyhow...........Chirality are some great indie polishes! I am glad I got to try them out! They make great holo's and look forward to trying out more of their polishes... You can buy their polishes here in mini and full sized so go have a look! If you have yet to try a holo polish, I would strongly suggest these, if you're wanting to go the indie route:)
So, what do you guys think of this one?? Do you own any polishes from this brand?? If so, which ones?? Hope you guys enjoyed my post and , as always , love to hear from you guys... Until next time.....

*All polishes and products used in this review were purchased from my own pocket and are my own opinions. They were in no way influenced. I have no relationship with Chirality. I am just a fan who loves their polishes. I am by no means a "professional" blogger , what you see is a hobby of mine and a passion that I love to share with the world *(or anyone who is willing to take the time and have a look).

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Monday Mani Challenge, Week 5, "Metallics"

Oh the shame...Posting Monday mani challenge on a Wednesday..... My face is red... Sorry guys, stupid life gets in the way sometimes.... As always, all info needed can be found here and we still welcome people to join:) Lets get right into this, shall we>:)


OOOHHH! Look at that gorgeous blue/green...not sure what to call it but gorgeous!! Submitted by the just as gorgeous Deneen Champion Smith. It is KC Metallic aqua.

JEanie Pou wearing Julep "Felicity". I like this yellow/gold color.

Karin Johansson chose this because of the copper glitter:) Smart lady:) Two smart ladies, you will see why...

Silke Blankestijn with a metallic color, just not sure what it is.

Michele Clinton with Essie "Penny talk" for accent nail and DL  "Ray of Light". I love the color of the DL!!!

Roni DeVore who isnt sure "What to think of this color"... I think I like it:)

Charlotte Brookes, as she said "Went for something different in terms of metallic. I hated it. Stupid little flake things! Was definitely picturing a pretty nail, not some irritating 'I want to pick it all off thirty seconds after doing it' manicure. Hey ho" .  I am not sure how they would feel but I LOVE the way this looks! As someone on our group said "It looks like pieces of glass" and it's so true!

Our lovely quest blogger from last week Dawn Bunny bun-bun with her gorgeous mani! Rainbow Honey "Skyward bot" and "femme bot" and Kelara "daydream" for accent:)

Briana Allan wearing the same polish as Karin:) It sure is a beauty! it is face of Australia "Funky town" and the cat (which she made herself by making her own nail decal!!!) is Zoya "Dahlia". I LOVE cats. I am so going to try and make these for myself! 

Julie Smith wearing Zoya Areetha:)

Kathy Smith wearing WetnWild MEgalast "Root of all evil"  as she said "ONE coat...and I polished right over my other mani, and only slight clean up, cause I don't like metallics.....and you can see why shows all my nail can see where they've peeled...and they look uneven!"  I could not agree more, which is why I was not happy with mine!

Anja Andersson with a GORGEOUS purple!! I LOVE this purple!! it's Kleancolor "metallic purple". Perfect name and polish for this challenge ;)

I LOVE this!!! Here is Ana Johnson's mani. OOHH! Look at that glitter! I want them!! Wanna read about them? She just did a review on her blog so go have a look:)> here

And that's that! See? it's as simple as that. I still have to edit my picture.... I wasn't too happy with mine but it will be added soon:) So, we are all having fun with this challenge and it is going along quite nicely:) Hope you guys are having fun seeing all the mani's and don't forget to contact me to join, any time:)

Friday, 24 May 2013

Lush Lacquer "Dream on"

Hey Hey Hey Hey.....
How is everyone enjoying their Friday night so far? I am having a few drinks and figured I would share a polish I recently wore and LOVED!!!  Just a quick Friday post before I head out:) The polish is another one from Lush Lacquer. I have shown you guys polishes from this brand before here and here and as you can see from my previous posts, I have nothing but good to say about this indie brand. And this polish has not changed my opinion! I have "Dream on" to show tonight. As I have mentioned before, some of my favourite polishes at the moment are creme based polishes filled with glitter, just as Birthday cake is:) I just love them and "Dream on" falls right into that category. A bit about the polish, as I always do...

LUSH LACQUER "Dream on":  is a white based polish filled with purple, green and neon blue glitter. It is super easy to apply. Sometimes, with these polishes, they get really goopy because you tend to have to add at least two coats. "Dream on" was a DREAM (lol...see how I did that!!) to apply. I applied two coats and followed it with a third, thin coat in places where I wanted more glitter. You do not have to fish for glitter at all, but in some spots I wanted more glitter or a particular color so I added where wanted:)
On their etsy page, it is described as " Dream On is AAAA-MAZZZZ-ING!!!!!!! It is a creamy white base polish with neon blue, green and purple glitters scattered throughout it! It gives off the appearance in the pictures and in person that it is completely a baby blue base BUT it is actually a WHITE BASE and because of the large amount of blue small glitters we use in it...the base picks up a baby blue hue in the bottle and on the nails and crazy huh!!!! will give off a light baby blue tone on your nails as seen on the swatch up above! I actually made this color for my own use and I received soooo many compliments on it, so I decided to offer it in our etsy store. We use hexes and squares in different sizes in this beauty. The colors work beautifully together and it is absolutely dreamy on. If you are a blue glitter polish lover...this color is definitely for you! This polish should be worn alone with 2 to 3 coats. It has a smooth finish after applying 2 coats of a top coat or gelous. Please apply a thick top coat to seal in the glitter and allow for a smooth finish! Happy Polishing!!! :0) "

As they suggested, I finished my mani off with a heavy coat of Seche vite. Let's get to the good stuff  shall we? And by that I mean the pictures, of course!!!


I just love the color combo of the glitters. They go together so perfectly! And I love how it almost has a "Jelly sammich" effect when you add more than one coat!

UGH!! See that smudge on my middle finger?? UGH!! YEA?!?!?! Well, to the naked eye, it was unnoticeable! Trust me, I am so OCD or "perfectionist" if you want to call it that, when it comes to my nails that if/when i notice any imperfection, I fix it. Especially if I am planning on taking pictures  BUt it seems things are so much more "WHAM!BAM! THANK-YOU MAM! in you face! Oh well, as my friend said "I think you make it much more apparent by mentioning it" I feel the need to address it because it irritates me to no end!!!

Such a gorgeous polish! Notice they have new bottles now, as well. Well dif from my other ones I own. They explain it on there page:)


UGH!!! That mark on my middle finger is just driving me NUTS!! What a great way to ruin my pictures!! DARN YOU  SMUDGE :P

AH! Isn't it a beaut?!?!?! I don't know if I just lucked out and only ever get my hands on the best polishes they have to offer, but I have nothing but praise for this brand. And I know, that is not the case! As their description says it is AAAAA-MAZZZIIING!! That's the best word I can think of! So, yup, I love it and I hope you guys enjoyed this post! As always, I love to hear from you guys, so what do you think of this beauty? Do you own and Lush Lacquer polishes?? OMG! DO YOU OWN ANY FROM THEIR NEON COLLECTION?!?!?! I am still dying to get my hands on As soon as my budget allows..... Their prices really are reasonable at 9.54$ (cad) it's just the shipping that gets me. And that , I know, is NOT their fault at all. As an avid swapper, I know how crazy Canadian shipping costs are. So aggravating!!!
Anyhow, I hope you guys enjoyed my post, hope everyone has a great week-end:) TIll the next time, keep on polishing:)
*Lush Lacquer can be purchased from their etsy shop and you can also keep up with them on their Facebook page. As it says on there, " We are a mother/daughter "BEST FRIEND" team who LOVE to create polish! My name is Karin and my daughter is Lexi! Hope you enjoy our polishes! "  and I just LOVE that! As someone who considers her mother her BFF as well, that just warms my heart!:):) Good for them doing something they both love together!!! 

*All polishes and products used in this review were purchased from my own pocket and are my own opinions. They were in no way influenced. I have no relationship with LUSH LACQUER. I am just a fan who loves their polishes. I am by no means a "professional" blogger , what you see is a hobby of mine and a passion that I love to share with the world *(or anyone who is willing to take the time and have a look).

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fierce Red Monday Mani's by Guest Blogger Dawn Bunny

Hi everyone! I'm Dawn Bunny and I am glad to be doing a guest blog for Krystal. I know her through a nail group we are in together and I am an avid follower of her blog. I'm excited she gave me a chance to share this week's Monday Mani's with all of you!

As many of you know that follow her blog each week on Monday our group does a different Mani depending upon what's on the list. This week was the color red!!! I have to say we have some AMAZING and FIERCE mani's going on here. If I left anyone out please let me know! I think we can all agree everyone did a great job!

A little shameless self promoting as well :) I'd love for you to check out my blog over at where I feature nails, couponing, cooking and more. I am also hosting a giveaway that ends 5/27 for a $25 Etsy giftcard! Feel free to enter

 photo MMalainafeatherszoyasookiefeathers_zps4f03a607.jpg
This is Alaina's Zoya Sookie with Feather Accents I have to say this is my fav this week!!

 photo MMkrystalkessoncginfrared_zpsa73bce4d.jpg
Krystal's China Glaze Holographic in Infra-Red

 photo MMKellyMonaghanulta3cherrylicious_zpsdaa4e1a1.jpg
Kelly's Mani in Ulta3 Cherrylicious with white stamping detail

 photo MMdeneenchapmansmithjadeholo_zpsfa338101.jpg
Deneen's Mani in Jade Holographic with a Picture Polish Accent nail

 photo MMBrianaAllanMirandazoya_zps441523d5.jpg
Briana's Zoya Pixie Dust Mani with accent heart

 photo MMtittilideskoldsallyhansensacredscarlett_zpsbf4d673c.jpg
Titti's Sally Hansen Sacred Scarlet Flower Mani

 photo mmronidevore_zpsa397a2ff.jpg
Roni's Butter Lond Mani with Stamping

 photo MMMicheleclintonchiralitybloodshot_zps5eb57286.jpg
Michele's Chilarity Bloodshot Mani

 photo MMmalincervinkristianssoncgrubypumpsoverblackcremedarlingdivaelectricsex_zps277afe86.jpg
Malin's China Glaze Ruby Pumps over black creme with Darling Divas Electric Sex Topper

 photo mmlindabrookssallyinstaraceyrogue_zps5081155d.jpg
Linda's Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Racey Rogue

 photo MMkathysmithessiesizematters_zpsaed7453f.jpg
Kathy's Essie Size Matters Mani

 photo mmjuliesmithaenglandpercival_zps7aa001e1.jpg
Julie's A England Percival

 photo mmdawnbunnycginfrared_zps0404dc63.jpg
Dawn Bunny's China Glaze Holographic Infra-Red

 photo mmcharlottebrookes_zps6421268a.jpg
Charlotte's Dot Mani

 photo mmanjaandersson_zpsf96fbe88.jpg
Anja's Awesome Mani

Ana Johnson's pretty red mani!! I know the challenge is red but I LOVE the skulls!!:) 

Written by Dawn Bunny
Dawn Bunny is an admin at Fifty Shades of Savings Coupon Group on Fb and also writes It's a Bunny's World Blog and FB Page. She is a full time graduate student and part time blogger. She loves cooking, couponing, reading, nails and of course bunnies!