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Wednesday, 15 May 2013 Zipper decals and Maybelline Color show "Denim Dash"

Well, apart from the Monday mani challenges, I have not been posting for a bit:( Not to be all woe is me, because I hate and refuse to be that person but I have been under the weather as of late so, therefore, my posts have been lacking. BUT I am back tonight with something SUPER FUN!!!!!

I have some Zipper nail decals from bornprettystore. I LOVE these!! I had seen them in a picture a while back and originally thought that it was just some nail art and thought to myself "WOW! this person is so talented! There is no way I could ever do this....:)" But then I saw that they were decals and got so excited, I ordered them right away. Now, I must admit, I did think , at first, that I was buying stickers. I would get them, put them on my nails, like stickers and voila! Well, when I got them, that is not what they were.... SO, I was a bit intimidated at first, I admit it and did not use them for a bit. But then I put my big girl pants on and said "Let's try this"! You know what?? It was SO EASY!!!! Much easier than I thought it would be.....
There are 9 easy steps...

1.paint your nails any color of your choice ( I went with Maybelline color show "Denim dash". A perfect choice, I think, since they are from the "denim" collection.
2. Let them dry. and I mean, let them dry. Give it a while. You don't want them to be tacky.
3. Once your nails are dry, cut out all the shapes (pieces) you want to use. Use scissors, for best results.
4. Get a little bowl or cup, add water (I used room temperature water)
5. Now make sure you are ready to go. I did the mistake of letting the first one soak in the water a bit longer than needed and if you do so, the sticker will start separating from the back piece. I made sure I had a pair of tweezers handy, for easy pick up. SO don't add them all at once and then start going. They really do not need to be in the water long, so do it one by on.
6. Take the first piece you want to use, put it in the water, let it soak for about 30 seconds. It really doesn't take long... and again, as I said, you don't want them to soak long, or they will start separating from the back. so, once it has been about 30 seconds, pick it up with your tweezers, and place it on your finger, wherever you want it to be placed. The instructions it comes with says to first dip your finger in water, but I actually forgot to and it worked fine for me. You may want to do that, to be safe, but I didn't. Make sure you place it exactly where you want it because it is hard ( or almost impossible) to move it once you have applied it. If it goes over the nail and onto your cuticles/fingers, that is fine. You will clean it after.
7. Repeat step #6 for every finger.
8. I waited until all my fingers were done and then I dried them with the hair dryer. I did about a minute on each hand, doing all my fingers at the same time, with my hands placed like this>

And there you have it, you're done. Listen, it is much easier than it sounds!! Doesn't even take long, at all. and of course, the last step that I did was.....
9. Take a small nail art/makeup brush, dip it in polish remover and clean up the edges of your nails where the sticker may have gone over. Finish with a top coat.

It makes for such a gorgeous mani! I LOVE IT! and, I have pieces left over for about one more mani:) So, let's see how my nails looked, shall we? As I said I used a denim polish, which for obvious reasons , I thought was just perfect. The polish I used was...............

Maybelline color show "Denim dash":  a dusty blue, one coater, with flaky foil shimmer and a matte finish. The best way to describe it is, as it's name sake, DENIM!! It really looks like the color of denim jeans:)

Let's get to the pictures!!!
                                                              In the sun               

As I said, I thought the denim polish from maybelline was just the perfect fit for these. But I think the colors it would go with, are, obviously, endless. I think it would be great with red, black or even gold... Anything!

They have enough designs to make it look, if you want, as though the first finger (thumb or index) is the zipper going down and the just have the zipper decal till the pinky, so it looks like it is being unzipped.. You can use your imagination. I Just went by finger...

I just LOVE it. For someone who is "artistically" challenged as I am but loves nail art, these are just perfect!!

UGH! Don't mind that stupid, lil hair stuck on my middle finger! It is driving me crazy! Seriously, where the heck did you come from!!?!?!

In the shade  

I LOVE the one on my thumb! Looks just like it is being opened:):) 

Of course, you can put them any direction you want. up/down, left/right.... Choices are all up to you and your tastes:)

Here is my favourite. My thumb, with the zipper going down:)

So, there we have it. As always, my posts are picture heavy. Hopefully, by now, you guys are used to that just being the way I am...and hopefully people appreciate it:) You certainly see my mani's in every light:)
So, what do you guys think of these? I LOVED THEM! As I said, I was a bit intimidated at first, when I learned they were not just stickers, but I am so glad that these did not just sit in my "nail stuff" bucket forever  without being used. Because, as I said, it was so easy to use and the result was so satisfying! And I have enough to do at least one more mani, if not two, depending on if I put a decal on each finger or not. You can use the stickers for just an accent nail or two... As I said the possibilities are endless:)
I purchased these, as I said from bornprettystore. I have nothing but good to say about this store. It is my goto place for nail art equipment.  I have yet to go there for something I wanted and not being able to find it there  Their prices are more than reasonable and what I love most, FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!! As most Canadians may feel, often times, things are a good price but it is that darn shipping that gets us. Shipping costs can be so high, it makes things not worth it! SO their great prices and free shipping really make it a great buy for nail art items:) You can pay 3$, if you like for verified mail. They also have great customer service. I once did not get my package that I had ordered, for whatever reason, not their fault, just a mail issue, which sucked. But they in turn asked me to pay the 3$ for verified mail and sent resent it to me. SO, I really have no complaints and nothing but good to say about this store. I know a lot of blogs have a lot of good to say about it but you can see they were given things for free and whatnot. I have never received anything free from this site so these opinions are my own and not at all influenced. I have ordered nail polish, art brushes, much from them and have never been disappointed ) The last thing I got were some nail studs and that is the next thing I plan to review:) I am super excited for them!
I hope you guys enjoyed my post:) I hope to be back and at 'em soon:) Thank you for stopping by and having a look. As always, I love to hear from you guys. Do any of you have these decals? Or any decals for that matter? Did you find them easy to apply? Have you ever ordered something from bornprettystore? If so , what did you get? Were you happy with your order??

Until next time, keep on polish them nails and staying drama free!!!!

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