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Friday, 10 May 2013

Monday Mani Challenge, Week 3, "french Mani

Ok so, for starters, MONDAY MANI, Krystal, MONDAY!!! Yes, I know. I wish I could blog more but life tends to get in the way sometimes. But I usually blog way more than this. Unfortunately, I haven't been feeling at my 100% so, not only am I late for this post, I have been lacking. I have so many pictures, just ready to go. As soon as I feel better, I will bombard you all with posts:) But for now, I am feeling quite a lot better tonight so I right away wanted to catch up on this week's challenge. SO, here we go. French Mani is the topic so the options are unlimited!!

                                        French Manicure
AH! I just had to start with the classic, white french tip mani! It's really is a beauty and  Marissa Garcia could not have done a better job! I have tried to do this myself and it NEVER looks this good....

Malin Cervin Kristiansson did a really interesting french tip mani. Not only did she use glitter to make it pretty but she went all BOLD with a chevron shape rather than just a normal straight line:) 

Here is Linda Brook's cute french mani. What a cute color combo. I love the accent nail!!

These two pictures are from Kathy Smith who has now inspired me to try the French mani in a different way. I so love it when people think outside of the box. I seriously lack in imagination... I would  have never of thought of doing it this way.. I mean, I have done my nails, in this direction, half and half, but I love how she did not do that! She literally did a tip, but horizontally  SO GONNA TRY THIS!! Thanks Kathy! This looks SO COOL!

Here is Karly Ahrens wearing  Wet n Wild "I need a refreshmint" and Wet n Wild "Teal of fortune". I love wearing a light(or dark) and then adding the dark(or light) as the tip. Makes such a difference to just a plain mani.

Here's Jeanie Pou with the traditional french mani, yes, but with a cute, flowery twist. This is so adorable!

Deneen Champion Smith has my taste! My fav type of french mani's is using a holo/glitter polish with a black tip as I did here. I JUST LOVE how this combo works. Her color is just gorgeous and goes so perfectly with those black tips! 

Briana Allan with a great twist for her french mani. She added  some black lace, scrapbooking sticker,s for her tips,  over her nude polish. What a great idea! You got to go with what you got, you know!!:)

Michele Clinton wearing a perfect combo of Cult nails "Fetish" and   Zoya "Trixie" for the tips. What a lovely color combo!

 So, there we have it. I LOVE doing these posts. I love seeing how everyone interprets the topic in there own way. WE could NEVER have everyone do the same thing, even if we wanted to. And that is what is so great about nails, no?? Ok, well, this is where I usually add my pictures.. UGH! I really am debating adding them... I did a french mani I have been wanting to try for quite a while. A beige/tan base with neon tips. AS I said, ok... I am making excuses...Who am I kidding. I bet even if I was feeling 100% , my nails would still look like this BUT, come one, let me kid myself so...
OK!! I was not feeling well so, I did not put as much heart and attention into my nails and I actually debated quite a bit over adding these... I did not do a cleanup job and I used stickers as a stencil for the white tips and once I took the stickers off, I started doing, I don't even remember what, but the stickers left behind a sticky residue so stuff starting sticking to them... HENCE why I did not even bother doing a cleanup job. BUT I do want to show that I did participate, so.... I will show what I did.. Lets just call them a practice to my next attempt because, if you are a fan of my facebook page (GO ON LIKE IT!!!) , you will see I have talked about wanting to try these for a while.. But, do you ever get that? You see something you really wanna do? You get all the needed polishes and everything is set. But just no matter how hard you try and work at it it NEVER looks as easy or as good as the tutorials?? Well, for me, that is my life story....LOL.. OK SO, I guess I am just babbling on here because I feel bad about the pics I am about to post and really want to explain as much as possible but ANYHOW!! What I want to do was a beige/nude base with neon tips...and without cleanup this is how they looked.....

So, as you can see, obviously not the best job, by far. But if I had cleaned it up and fixed the errors, it would have made a big difference and looked a lot better. But, I was just not into it. Like I said it takes practice...

So, there we have it. WOW, already week 3 (almost 4 now),,,, I am still welcoming all people who would love to participate. COME ON! The more the merrier, as I said. AS you can see by my pictures I added and, just look at the rest of my blog...I am nowhere near perfect and you do not have to be to join! Don't even have to do every challenge. Do what you can. Just send pictures to me by email, which you can find under the "about me tag" of my blog or just facebook me. All info about this challenge can be found here. You would be surprised at how fun it is to join and at how many people, who share your love or just hobby of nail polish, you would/could meet.
I am so thankful and grateful for all you lovely, talented ladies who let me share your manis on my little blog. I appreciate it so much and I am LOVING these challenges!!! So, ladies, comment and let me know what you think of this week (and yea, don't be shy, give me heck for being late:) and how you are liking it so far! I am having so much fun! and, seeing other pictures, it inspires me to do mine. Even if I don't feel good, I know that all you lovely ladies are out there, doing the challenge and just taking that little time it takes to do my nails, knowing it connects me to you guys is worth all the time and effort (OMG!! YES! I am so corny!! STFU!)

Hope to hear from all of you guys and I am looking forward to every upcoming challenge!!!

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