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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Monday Mani Challenge, week 2, "Yellow"

Welcome to our second week. YELLOW! A lot of girls didn't like this one. I didn't hate it but I hardly ever wear yellow. Just doesn't go with my skin tone and never looks good on me. Seems to be the consensus of most. But, we stuck with it and did it. I know most were "this is my only yellow" and myself, with a stash of almost 600 only had less than 10. But yes, we did it and, like last time, here it is:)


Kellee Foster wearing  A-England "and the moonbeams" topped with  "she walks in beauty"

Michelle Clinton Cult nails "You're a dandy lion", wow, gorgeous yellow!

Marissa Garcia  from a gorgeous yellow by Lime Crime. I know I can't play favourites, but, well, I LOVE this one! It is just gorgeous! The mani, the color, just a gorgeous swatch!!!!

Linda Brooks, from wearing China Glaze "Celtics Sunc" over Zoya "Purity" .
Lisa Waldhaus  "H&M "Being on the A-List". 
Kathy Smith with a Butter London for her yellow mani:) 
Karly Harens :)
Karin Johansson wearing "Depend" #356. Never heard of this brand but it sure is gorgeous!!!
Julie Smith wearing Barry M "Station road textured" 
Jeanie Pou wearing  the China Glaze "poptastic" collection for a cool, yellow inspired mani:)
The lovely Deneen Champion Smith did not want to submit this at first because she did not think it was yellow. As I said, to her I am not strict, submit what you used, this is just for fun afterall. But the weird thing, I think this is absolutely yellow and it's one of my fav swatches for this week! Which means I will have to go buy myself these pretty textures and this color will for sure be in my basket!:)
Brianna Allan , who unlike most, loves her yellow. This is OPI "Need sunglasses" and it is one of her favs. I agree, it's a pretty yellow. Accent finger is Gold "bling dynasty".  
LOVE IT!!!! Anja Andersson made a gorgeous yellow mani by adding  making it a dotticure! SO pretty!:):)
Alaina Feathers from . I now want to wear a yellow I have just so I can put on  one of my black/white glitters on top of it! I think it makes for a great combo!
here is Roni Devore's yellow mani! :)
Here is Ana from Alilacquer! WOW! I LOVE this! I wish I was this creative with my nails! I just lack imagination, I guess.. this is just gorgeous and perfect and YELLOW!!! Awesome job!

So, as I mentioned, I only had about 8 yellow's in my stash. I was really surprised that I had no Essie's or OPI's in that color. I had some OPI's that were on the yellow side but no yellows, which made me think that yellows, actually, are not released too often. I always get Essie collections and have for almost 2 years and as I said I have no yellows by them. Which means, they have not released any. None that I have seen. Please correct me if I am wrong. But at the same time, it is not a color that I gravitate to. So, what I choose for my mani is NOPI "Hit the lights" from the Selena Gomez collection. One of the main reasons I have this polish, I must admit, is because once I start on a collection, I don't stop until I have the whole set. This was an untried for me. And whereas it is not that bad, it's not my fav polish by far. I did add "confetti fun" over it when I was done, from this collection , and it made my mani wearable. I did not add any pictures though because I wanted to just be yellow! So, here are my swatches. and look, yes, I add more than one picture! You guys know me, I take so many pictures of one mani, just 3-4 pictures too choose is hard for me, LOL! I have told everyone, submit as many pictures as you like. So, trust me, this is hard for me, and I will explain it this time, but I add mine at the end and by force of habit, I add a few. And as you can see, by looking at all the pictures added, mine are by far the best of the bunch. It's just the way I am:) SO, here is my yellow mani:)


Indoors, under light

In shade

So, there we have it! As I said guys, the more the merrier! Doesn't matter if you don't have them ready by Monday. Life gets in the way, I myself am a day late with this post. As long as you submit before I do the following weeks post, I will add your pic. Anything, and everything is welcomed and would love people to join! Hope you guys enjoyed this weeks! What are your thoughts on yellow polishes? Like them??? Hate them?? Do they work for you?? Let me know and hope I get more of you to join on in the fun!

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  1. Oh great, I´m going to send you lots of Depend then! =))) Swedish brand. Lucky you having me as your swappartner ;-)