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Monday, 22 April 2013

Lacquered with Love Monday Mani Challege:)

Hey hey all,
So, I have for ever wanted to be a part of those mani challenges, where, they list a bunch of different categories  and usually everyday you do your nails according to that category. I have, however, never joined any because I never do my nails daily . So, I was happy when the lovely ladies over at "polish swapping sisters" made one but instead of daily, we do a new challenge every Monday. First off, let me explain what "Lacquered with love" is.... In one word, FUN! lol... It is a facebook group where every month you are randomly paired up with a member of the group and you get to know the girl. See her polish wishlist, get to know her likes and dislikes of polishes , among many other things and then mail them a package, filled with goodies, but revolved around polish. We are, after all , a bunch of crazy, polish addicted gals! Of course, throughout the month, actually on a daily basis, we are all talking and sharing things from polish to our life to...You name it, it's been talked about in that group! Everyone is welcomed to check it out, our Facebook page is here. However, as anyone who has been swaplifted or scammed knows, those type of people just plain, well SUCK, so we do have a few rules and requisites to join. We can't just let anyone join just to have them come for a month and get a free package off of one of our lovely ladies and then leave. If you are a part of the online polish community and have done at least a couple of swaps and you can have someone verify that you are legit and honest, well then that is a huge, big step and our wonderful admins, Tami stapp fournier and Briana Allan would be more than happy to talk to you and take it from there:)

Now on to the Challenge:) Here is the list:)
As you can see, just about everything is on there:) So, I wanted to share this challenge on my blog. Every Tuesday or so, when all the pictures have been handed in, I will share with yous all the pictures that my fellow polish swapping sisters have added. If you're not in PSS but would like to just join in on the fun, feel free to e-mail me your pictures, or leave a message on this post
 or contact me on my Facebook page:)  Credit will be added for every picture, of course! Or if you have a blog or FB page, I will happily say this picture is from "so and so from so and so blog".

I am super excited about this. And as I said, it is much easier for me to have it on a weekly basis, not daily:) No commitment is necessary. If you only do one or two or ten, feel free to share what you can:) Every polish gal has at least one glitter polish!!!??! I have my glitter on right now and am about to take pictures:) SO hope many can join in on the fun and look forward to sharing this adventure with you guys:) I should have my first post up, which is number 1, glitter, tomorrow, so tune in:)


  1. Sounds like fun I'd be interested in just doing the challenge but I don't have a blog so I'd have to email or pintrest my manis :)

    1. SUre Charlie:) The more the merrier, as the saying goes:) YOu can go ahead and email me your picture and I can then add the link to your pinterest page, if you like:) DOn't let the fact that you don't have a blog stop you from joining. Half the pictures on here belong to girls without one:)Hope to see your pics:) You can find all my info in the "about me" tab:)

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