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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Lush Lacquer "Lite brite" and Essie "Licorice"

Hey hey all,

Got another quick post for you guys tonight. Did this mani and just fell in love with it and had to share it with you guys!!! Its simple but AWESOME!! One of those times when you look at your nails and just feel good inside!!:)
I used Essie's "Licorice" and Lush lacquer's "Lite brite". This was one from my first indie orders. Along with "Birthday cake", one of my fav polishes, I LOVED the name of this one and remembered all the fun I had as a kid playing with lite brite and all the colours. The name suits this polish very well. Since it is filled with so many colours, I wanted to put it over a dark color so that it would really "POP" and black was the right choice. So as always, here's a description of the polishes used.

Essie "Licorice" is a black creme. Perfect black and opaque in one coat but I used two just to be sure:)

Lush Lacquer "Lite brite" as described on their etsy page " Lite Brite is a bright, bold, funky fun clear sheer base with a huge mixture of glitter...all different sizes of red, orange, green, yellow, blue, purple and pink glitters are used to make this gorgeous polish. We also have a fine iridescent glitter added for a little pizzaz. (we can also leave out the iridescent glitter if you don't want it...just put it in the notes to seller. We use medium and large square & hexagonal glitter. We don't use any bar glitters in this combination. Please look at the pictures of Flippin Out and Lite Brite carefully to see the differences...they both are gorgeous on but one uses bright jewel tone glitters and the other uses pastel glitters.!!!! The colors in this polish look beautiful together and it is absolutely stunning on. It's very bright and very fun definitely attracts attention because it is bold! It looks great over other colors (see the swatches up above) or alone with 2 to 3 coats of polish. This polish has a smooth finish after applying 2 coats of a top coat or gelous. Please apply a thick top coat to seal in the glitter and allow for a smooth finish! Happy Polishing!!! :0) 

And as suggested, I finished it off with a thick coat of seche vite. I was debating matting it but I love the glossy, finished look:) Shall we have a look?? I must say first though, that whereas I had done a clean-up when I took the pictures, I didn't do the best job. I wasn't expecting to make a post out of it. So, the cuticles are not the cleanest and to the naked eye, that spot on my index finger is unnoticeable but on the pictures, it looks huge and it's driving me crazy!!! UGH! BUT..


SEE THAT SPOT!!! UGH! It's making me insane!!! Why must it look so big in pictures...

I especially love the big pieces. They come in red, gold and pink. They do take some fishing if you're aiming for every finger but not much.
See what I mean by the glossy finish. I love it! Seche vite does it once again:) It would look great matte as well and I probably will apply some on the day before I decide to take it off, just to see what it looks like. I was just more than happy with this glossy finish so stuck with it:)

Look at all those pretty colours! Doesn't it just remind you of your Lite Brite board??

and here's one lonely little picture taken inside...

So, what do you guys think?? Do you love the glossy finish as much as I do?? Or would you have made it matte? I think if I had made it matte, I would be just as in love with it:) What do you guys think of this one?? I don't have to say again that I LOVED it, do I?? I wonder what other colors it would go with and if it would "POP" as much as it does over black. I was considering putting it over a dark purple, but glad I went with black.
Lush Lacquer polishes can be purchased on their Etsy page. As I said last time, I warn you to be careful going on over. They have such gorgeous polishes!! Especially their new neons that I am just DYING to get my hands on. 
Hope you guys enjoyed this quick little post. Love to hear what you thought of it:)
Till next time,

*All polishes were purchased with my own money. None were given to me as a sample and all opinions are my own truthful thoughts.

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