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Thursday, 4 April 2013

OPI Mariah Carey collection, part one

Hey all,
So, you probably heard me say that I have been working on this post for a while. I was going over my swatch pictures and I am not too happy with two of the  liquid sand art pics . They did not come out good:( So, I will have to re-swatch them tomorrow. So, instead of prolonging it even longer, thought I would separate it into two categories.

First off, the Mariah Carey collection consists of 8 polishes. Four are the " liquid sand  " polishes which are polishes that have a a texture to them and have a sand finish to it. Meaning, when they are dry, its not like normal polish, it's actually dry and rough  like sand. They are meant to be worn without a top coat (although I have seen swatches with a top coat and are gorgeous but you don't get the whole effect) and dry to a matted, texture look. It's actually a new trend in the polish world right now. Many lines have them including the popular and oh so gorgeous Zoya "Pixie dust" collection. The 4 sand art polishes are "Get your number" the blue one, "The impossible" the pink one, "Stay the night" the black and red one and "Get your number" the purple one. I personally love them but that is not what I have for you today.
From the press release "OPI Liquid Sand nail lacquer offers a never-before-seen look with a pebbled finish that lightly shimmers with fine glitter particles. Worn without top coat, Liquid Sand lacquer gives nails a unique textured matte finish worthy of a superstar.

Today, I have the other 4 from this collection , the "normal" polishes if you will. The studio shades. I was actually quite pleased with this collection and loved the colors especially "Anti-bleak" . Let's get to the pictures.

First up, let's go with my fav...

Anti-bleak: A  medium cool toned purple creme with red undertones. I just love this creme. It is a bit more on the reddish, alsmost wine color than it is purple. You're going to want to wear a base coat with this one. I thought it went perfect with the glitter.
                                                                  In the sun

In the shade

Pink yet Lavender: a mix of light/medium pink hex glitter, small lavender glitter and little bits of holo glitter however I didn't really see the lavender in it. I LOVED this glitter. It just sparkled in the sun and I can't wait to use it for a glitter gradient. No fishing needed with this one. It's packed with glitter.

                                                           In the sun. Over "Anti-Bleak"

Love that sparkle in the sun!!

I think this glitter is perfect with this color:)

In the shade

In the sun. Over "A butterfly moment"
I think this combo is perfect for office nails or if you need your nails to not be "loud".

Paired together, it's a very feminine, girly look:)

A butterfly moment: peachy and pink color with a strong golden shimmer. I would classify it as a nude. Took three coats to get to full opacity . I think it is a lovely, soft color. Perfect for people who don't like "loud" nails.

In the sun

Really is a great nude. I am not usually a fan of nudes but the gold shimmer adds that little something:)

You can really see the gold shimmer in this one:)

And this one..

In the shade

Sprung: A copper color, with pink and gold shimmer. Took two coats. It reminded me a bit of "A woman's Prague-ative" in that it reminds me of a penny when I look at it in the sun. Not as dark as it but close. It's not as "orang-y) either.

In the sun

I just love the way the sun reflects off of it.

This would also look good with the glitter:)

Just look at it sparkle in the sun!

In the shade

So, what do you guys think? I must say, the liquid sands really are what make this collection so great. I will have them up soon:) I just take SOOOO many pictures. You guys see how picture heavy all my posts are, right? Well that's not even half of what I take when I was swatching. Overall, I am pleased with these colors. OPI again didn't disappoint with their formula. All swatches are worn with OPI top oat. It really adds that last needed touch to your mani.
Have any of you tried any of the Studio shades?? Those are the ones showed here on this post Which of the ones I showed here are your favourites? If any?
Have you tried the liquid sand? Do you love them?
Love to hear from all of you.
Also, if you have the time, please go follow me on Bloglovin'. Still not too sure what is going on with GFC but I may be switching over to Bloglovin' and would hate to lose any readers. 
Thanks for looking and will be back soon with the liquid sands and I also just finished swatching the Essie "Madison ave-hue" collection as well:)

*All polishes are purchased with my own money. I am not popular enough to get samples. Therefore all opinions are my own. 
*for some reason, I have had some issues when trying to add my watermark on my pictures on photobucket. So if you feel the need to share any of my pictures, go ahead, but please share where you got the pictures from. thanks

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