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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Essie "MAdison Ave-hue" collection

Hey guys,
Tonight I have a collection I am so excited to share with yous:) If you know me well, or just take a look at my stash list, you will see how much I LOVE Essie. It's the one polish I own more of than any other brand. I LOVE LOVE me some Essie's. I think they make the best creme polishes, which just so happen to be one of my fav polishes.  I saw this collection, and like all others they come out with, I had to get it! With colors perfect for Spring, Madison ave-hue consists of six colours, which I will show you now. First off, as always, let me describe the colours for you:)   I added one picture with each description but I used the "camera" effect on them. i LOVE the look of it. They just look so cool. But, I don't like adding effects to all my pictures because I like to concentrate on the colour and not mess with it. So all others have no effect but hope you enjoy these ones:)

Hip-anema: I have to start by saying I LOVED this one. I am not usually the biggest fan of reds but this one is just gorgeous. As most of the polishes in this collection, it is opaque in one coat, but I wore two. It's a bright, tomato red creme, with a hint of orange. Essie described it as "sashay down a sandy runway in poppy-bright red orange and show 'em who's the bossa. work that beach."

 Madison Ave-hue: is a  hot pink with fine silver flecks. At first I did not think that they would show up in the pictures but they did. It really is what makes this pink unique. While I had it on, my friend said it looked the exact same colour as pepto bismol!!! I can see how he could see that. IT is almost the same pink but as I said, it has the silver flecks which really add to this polish. Gives it a bit of shimmer added into a creme. Essie said this about it "chic upper east side pink steps out in style, turning any ensemble into a million dollar baby. cha-ching." I just LOVE that description!

 Maximillian Strasse her: The other unique one, I absolutely love this one. Blue is usually my fav of a collection but I have to say this time it is not. This color is so different from what Essie has been putting out lately. They usually always have a blue, a green, a red and a purple. I was real glad to see a green. Even though this is not a green per-say. it's a green creme with a touch of gray to it. Really a mix of green and gray. Opaque in two coats. Essie's take>“Bavarian savvy rules this regal boulevard in a cool grey green, you’re promenade queen, no tiara required.”

  GO Ginza: Essie describes it as a cherry blossom pink which does apply. A lot have said that the two purples from this collection are almost exactly the same. Whereas, yes, they are very similar, this one is much lighter with a little tinge of pink in it and much more "delicate". It was also, surprisingly , considering how light it looks, opaque with just two coats. Essie's description is "Soft cherry blossom pink invites you into a floating world of quiet luxury and exquisite beauty.  Domo Arigato”

 Bond with Whomever: The other purple in this collection is a pastel lilac creme that needed three coats to have perfect coverage and no VNL. Darker than the other and fits more into the pastel category. It will have you thinking of lilacs just by looking at it. Essie said “London’s calling. Pick it up in a posh lilac and click with the cultured clique- here, there and everywhere”

 Avenue Maintain: A gorgeous bright blue creme, if it wasn't for "Maximillian Strasse" this would undoubtedly be my fav. It's it just the perfect, fun blue for spring and just pops in the best way:) Opaque with one coat but I have on two. If you are looking for a blue that will fit right into your Spring wardrobe, I would definitely recommend this one:) Essie said “Fashionably adroit, lovely Parisian blue channels the je ne sais quoi allure of the capital of chic.”

As always, I finish off everything with essie's top coat. It gives it that perfect, shiny, just stepped out of the nail salon look:) They have one for anti-chipping and one for shine. I find that Essie is pretty good when it comes to chipping and I love my mani's to have that glossy look so I have the shine one:) I know my posts are always picture heavy but I must warn you, this is really picture heavy:) I take so many pictures and when I go through them all, it's hard to decide which to keep, I always end up keeping so many. Anyhow, lets get to it. Enjoy:) 



In my pictures, these two really do look more similar than they really are. If you saw it in real life, you can absolutely tell "Bond with whomever" is much darker.

Bond with whomever

I didn't take any pictures of this one inside because under the light, the pictures made it look almost white and was not true to it's color at all.

Hip anema

I just love the shine of this one! As I said, Essie's top coat really does make a difference and I strongly recommend it. Just look at how glossy and shiny my nails are? It looks great with this red!

I love the way this looks next to my sweater. The blue color of my sweater is very close to what dark jeans look like. I think this red would look just perfect with a great pair of jeans:) AS you know, polish is the perfect last touch to any outfit:)


You can see the orange-y of this polish a lot more indoors. IT does lean more on the red side however.

Maximillian strasse-her

Sorry, this one mani does not have the best cleanup. Can you believe I ran out of remover?? ME??!!! I NEVER run out. I usually always have extra but not this time. So whereas I was disappointed because I couldn't do a great cleanup for the pictures, I was happy that I ended up having to do all my nails with this lovely colour and I kept it on for a few days:)

in the shade

Madison ave-hue

I just LOVE the silver flecks in this one! Like I said, it really takes this from being just another pretty pink to a WOW pink:)

Just look at the silver flecks shine in the sun!


Avenue maintian

See what I mean about this being the perfect Spring blue? It's just pops!

As you can see, by the drops of water on my nails, it had started to drizzle as I was taking pictures. I find though, that it adds a little "Je ne sais quoi" to the pictures so I added them:)


So, there it is! Enough pictures for you?? I know when I look at swatches, I love to see a lot. Hope you guys do to.
So, what are you thoughts on this collection? Any favs? Which colors stands out to you? As I said, I love "Maximillian strasse-her" "Avenue maintain" and "Hip-anema".
Essie polishes can be purchased from wherever most polishes are sold. All pharmacies usually have them. You can also buy them online at Nail polish Canada and from Essie's site
Hope you guys enjoyed my post and love to hear from all of you:)

*All polishes were bought with my own money and all opinions and thoughts are my own. I was not influenced whatsoever.

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