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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

NABI holo's in "teal" and "mocha"

Hey Hey Hey,
So, is anyone else just sweating?!?!?! OMG! IT has been SO HOT here in Vancouver, Canada these last couple of weeks...and I know, I know...girls are supposed to "glisten" not sweat...well I am all woman but I am also all sweat!! LOL! I don't complain though... I mean, people complain when its winter and cold, or fall and, it's hot, I am sweating... that's all I am saying...Could be worse, I know. I am just inside, windows open and the fan going (no air conditioning) so at times of the day, it's better off just staying inside:) Which is what I am doing today and glad that I have two great polishes to share with you guys.

First of all, I just wanna start with this. I remember, about a year ago, the first time I saw a holo polish online and just fell in love!!! Of course, nothing of the sort was available to me in any stores. Most of the holo's I saw were indies or polishes not available in Canada. I got into polish right after the China glaze's "OMG" "TTYL" and all those. Or I didn't realize they were out. Now, most brands just release anything and I KNOW ABOUT IT RIGHT AWAY!! lol... Anyhow, point i am getting at is I fell in love with the look and wanted some so badly. I eventually got my first holo's which were NFU-OH's. A light blue(#65) and a pink(#64). Yes, they're gorgeous and probably the best first holo's to ever try but, for me, buying polishes online gets pricey. Especially, with being in Canada, it's the shipping that kills me. So, indies do tend to be higher sometimes and then shipping.... I love me my indies but sometimes I can't always afford it. So, now, with holo's having the popularity they have, they are popping up more and more and with mainstream brands, which means lower prices:) China Glaze has their new holo's this year and OPI has their DS polishes (they had these before I was way into polish as well. DS "Original" I am looking at you!!! One day you shall be mine!!!) and so on. so, it's great because holo's aren't at least 15$ a bottle. But I must say I was beyond thrilled when I saw the polishes I have for you guys today. They are a brand called "Nabi" which I heard of before and even owned a couple of basic cremes of theirs. But while shopping at my mall the other day, I saw them in a store (I am sorry, I know, this is a blog, I should know but can't remember the name! I know the freakin store, I shop there all the time! It's American "something" (not apparel) I think.... ANYHOW, they have Nabi polishes (will find out the name for you guys, I promise) and, a bunch of holo's (they are called 3D rainbow) that I did not see last time I was there, and the best part??? they're 3$ each or 2 for 5$. I only got 2 because I was supposed to be on a no buy (which is when you decide you have spent way too much on polish lately or are saving for something big or just can't afford to spend money on polish so you put yourself on it and don't buy any...VERY HARD) so I figured 2 for 5$ was ok and since I never tried them before... Listen, it seemed legit in my head at the time, k?!?!?! they had A LOT of them and I got "Teal" and "Mocha". Lets have a look at them, even though they are cheap, they are just as good as my Layla holo's. They are almost the exact same to me...

And this is where I usually describe each polish but the names of them describe them. "Teal" is a dark teal holo" and "Mocha" can be described as that color but I think it is more on the pink/orange side. For both, I first applied my NFU-OH "aqua base" ( I first didn't buy this when I bought my NFU-OH polishes. For the price of it, I figured, I could just get another holo. I thought it was just like wearing a base coat. Something I never use and you can do without. However, I experienced awful balding(blank spots when you apply the polish. Looks like you missed spots when you put the polish on) with them so I went ahead and bought some and it worked wonders for my NFU-OH polishes so now, I just always put it on before I apply a holo, and added 2 coats, then a top coat followed by another coat. I am always worried about adding a top coat to my holo's because I always hear about it dulling your holo's so I do this. I apply my polish until it looks like I want it to. Add a top coat and then add one more coat of holo over it to avoid dullness, if there is going to be any. I don't know, I just always do this. OK..seems like a lot of writing here...Lets get to the good stuff!!!!

                                         (in sunlight)

SO, you can see why they are called "3D rainbow effect" because, like all holo's, they, especially in sunlight, do that awesome rainbow flair. It is hard to capture, but you see it, starting mid nail... Just changes colors...

I love how it also looks when not as much sun is on it and it looks darker. 

UGH!!!! JUST LOOK AT THIS COLOR!! Isn't it just gorgeous?? I mean, just look at it!!!

Look right where the sun is hitting it, see the rainbow flair???

(In shade)

(in sunlight)

TO me, even thought it is called "Mocha" which makes me think of a brownish color, this is, as I said, more on the side of pink/orange and a touch of mocha??

Just like all gorgeous holo's that rainbow flair is always there and it is full of holo goodness!!!

So, there you have it. In my opinion, even thought these are "cheap" in the sense that they didn't cost a lot of money , at all, they are just as good as my 2 Layla holo's I have. We do not have the Layla holo's yet but I have all their magnettics( a fad i got into and now never wear) and all their mirror effects and out here, they are not cheap. (14.99$ each to be exact) and I know the holo's, if we get them, will be as much, if not more. So these are a great alternative. I have some I got in swaps so that is how I am able to compare them. And I have tried indie holo's and other brands and these measure up. They really do. I think it is just great to have the option out there and they have a huge selection. Of course, I plan of going back very soon and getting more. So, as always, love to hear from all of you. Do you own any "Nabi" polishes? Holo or other? If you so, which ones?? Or have you tried their holo's, what's your opinion? Did you like them?
Thanks for reading and looking at my post.

*all polishes showed in this post were purchased with money from my own pocket. None were given to me for review and all opinions are my own.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Monday Mani challenge. Week 13

AAHH!! I am so ashamed of mysel...I have been so busy...I am behind on posting these every Monday. I have missed 3...But if I keep saying I will do it when I get the others done, I will never get any done. So, I have time to do this one right now, so I will and will post all the missing ones, ASAP! So, without furthuer ado.... on to the pictures:)


I LOVE the glitter on top! This is Anja Andresson's mani and HIT "Jack-o-lantern) is the topper:)

Love the way Jeanie Pou took this pic. It's Bondi "Chasing the sun". 

Michele CLinton got creative and went half creme with Depend #350 and half textured (so going to steal this look BTW:P)  with Julie G "Sugar rush"

Even though its hard not to focus on that gorgeous ring, this mani is from Briana, wearing one of her new Turkish polishes:)

Deneen Champion Smith is also wearing Julie G gumdrops:) 

I absolutely love this! Just looks so perfect!!! It's Kelly Monaghan in Essence "DOC" and Prince charming topper.

KAthy Smith wearing the hard to photograph(her words:) Orly "popsicle" .

There we have it! I guess, being summer, less people are able to participate. My camera is not letting me load pictures onto my computer, for some reason. Need to figure that out. Then will add mine:) See you next week, hopefully................

Sunday, 14 July 2013

JADE "Hypnose"

Hello :)
As I was looking at my stash today and my ever growing number of holo polishes (it seems EVERY brand is coming out with at least one holo now) I remembered when I didn't even have one and how BADLY I wanted one. I eventually got some NFU-OH holo's, and I wasn't disappointed, to say the least, and I haven't been since. It just led me to ask, "how did we ever live without holo's?"...Seriously? Well I must say, I am a HOLO LOVER and, for someone like me, as I have said before, who is not great at nail art, it's such an easy and fun way to add some fun and "WOWZ" to your nails and some gorgeous, awesome (add all great adjectives here) colors that are just WOW and always get a "OMG! What are you wearing on your nails? It is GORGEOUS!" Now that my stash has it's fair number of holo's, I am one happy camper and, as I said, they have yet to disappoint me. However, there was still one holo that I was lacking and forever wanted to try. A JADE!!!! COME ON! You've seen the swatches, and heard all the hype about them, no? I certainly have. So, when I got one this month from my swap partner, I was SO HAPPY!!! They did not let me down, at all, and now, I want, wait , I mean NEED, more! I want all of them!!!! LMAO!!! But for now, the one I have will have to, and I must say does, suffice. Not to mention it is blue, my absolute favorite colour for not only polish but for everything!!! So, today, I have to share with you an absolute GORGEOUS and AWESOME holo! I am in love with this polish! When it comes to holo, there are, dare I say, different degrees? Some are more "holo" than others and, as I said before, I don't know the differences between them all but, there's linear and scattered...all I know is that what I am about to show you is a holo polish and...........well..... IS IT EVER!!!! Let's just get to this beauty!!! But first, as always, a bit about the polish........

JADE "Hypnose": from their "Holografico" collection, I did first apply my NFU-OH aqua base ,(a base specifically for holo polishes) as I always do, so I had no balding issues. But I have heard from most, that after a few coats, balding is not an issue with this brand. I put on 3 coats and then a top coat. I am always not sure if I should add one when it comes to holo's. Some say "yes" some say "no" but it really depends on the polish/brand. In the case of some holo's, a top coat may take away the holo effect of the polish and make it dull. So, I asked around in my nail groups for opinions, and the popular vote (more than popular, almost all agreed) that when it comes to Jade holo's, add a top coat and it does not affect the look. If, you add a top coat and you feel that it made it look dull, you can always add one last coat over the top coat. This is what I do with other holo's that do suffer dullness when a top coat is added. But, for me, 3 coats then a top coat and all was fine:) As for description of this polish (sorry, I got a bit off track here).... "HYPNOSE" is a gorgeous electric, blue polish, full of holo goodness!!!

*as I will show in my last picture(in shade, there is a difference), holo polishes really are "holo" when it is in the sun. Like almost all holo polishes, the sun is what makes the holoness show. Jade polishes do still hold when not in the sun, but, of course, they look at their best, in the sun:)

                                                In the sun

Just look at this gorgeous holo!!! Look at it in the sun!!!

Do you see that Rainbow flair?? See what I mean when I say holo's come to life under the sun? When in the sun, you can see that "rainbow flair" which is, as you can see at the bottom of my nails, how the color kind of has a "rainbow" affect...see it?

I just LOVE this blue! LOOK AT IT!!! IS it not gorgeous?? It can't just be me who thinks this is a gorgeous holo, right??

See that "v" shape in every nail, it kind of has a "rainbow" effect? that is a holo polish, doing it's job under the sun:):):)

SO GORGEOUS!!! Can't say it enough!!!!

Even, just looking at the bottle shots, you can see the holo effect it has when in the sun:):)

so, yes, it is still a beautiful color, but as I said, it really is the sun that shows the holo goodness of holo polishes. Albeit, with this polish , you do still see some rainbow flair, even inside, but you can't see it in pictures. So, yes, even without sun, this holo is still a holo, but, as you can see, it is under the sun that it is at is best:)

So, what do you guys think? Don't you agree with me? This is a GORGEOUS holo, no? I am in love!! As I said, I have quite a few holo's in my stash now but this one is going right to the top of my holo list! It's blue (my fav color), it's easy to apply and has no balding and it's just gorgeous!! I love it! so, what do you guys think of it? Agree with me? Think it is a gorgeous holo???? Do you have any Jade holo's? If so, which do you have? If not, what do you have for holo polishes and which are your fav? I hope you guys enjoyed my post and hope to hear from you guys!!! Until next time...............

                                                              your fellow polished pal,

*these polishes were given to me in a swap. It was on my wishlist, and I did a swap with someone for some random polishes. They see what I like, I see what they like and we go from there. Seeing as this was on my Wishlist, my partner chose to give it to me as part of our swap. I sent her polishes in return. So, it was not purchased with my own money but it was part of a swap and all opinions expressed in this post are my own from my experience with this polish. IT was new and never used.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nail candy pens in green and pink and with nail gems

Hey hey all,
So, as you can see from my lack of posts in the last little bit, summer has been keeping me a bit busy. But, that has not stopped me from always having my nails done and always taking pictures so I can share them on here:) I have so many things just waiting for the finishing touches needed:) I do , however have something today that I am excited to share with you guys:)
A while ago, I was lucky enough to be given the chance to win some of the "nail candy pens" from their Facebook page and I would like to share with you guys what I did with them and what I think of them:) So, basically, what I am talking about are some nail pens, that are double ended, with a different color on each side that has two different types of applications. You can use them to paint your nails with a normal brush or, what I did, they have a thin, small tip that is used to draw and design things on your nails really easily. And another pen has the same tip but one end has nail gems for your nails and the other side clear polish, so it makes it easy to apply them. Let me show you what I am talking about because I am sure my explanation is not the best and perhaps confussing.....

SO here are the two pens. As I said, one has polish and one has nail gems and clear polish to apply them on.
And whereas you can use them to paint your nails, I would recommend saving them to do nail art with and use other poish to paint your nails first.

And as you can see in this picture, taken from Nail Candy pen's facebook page,  they also have this micro tip which makes drawing on your nails easy.

So, for someone like me, who is artistically challenged when it comes to drawing and therefore nail art, these pens are great for me!! Unlike striper polishes, I find these much easier to control, especially when drawing lines. They are also not as goopy and thick. So, as I said, I first put on another polish, which was Essie "In the cab-ana", a gorgeous , light baby blue. And , as I also said, I am the first to admit it, I suck at nail art. So by no means do my designs speak for the type of art and quality that you can do with these pens. I can only imagine what people who Can draw are able to create with these. This is just what I was able to do with my capabilities. I just had fun with it, which is what, well to me, matters. SO, let's have a look:)

I just let my imagination go wild, so to speak, and just went with it. Can you guess what is what...?

Well, from left to right, we have, a dragon fly, flowers, a happy face and dots:)

I LOVE the pen with the gems. The micro tips makes it so much easier to add the nail gems than when you are using a normal sized brush with clear polish or a top coat, whatever you use to stick your gems. With these, you can do them one by one, therefore taking away the worry of the polish drying on you and you don't have to guess how big or small you will need to apply. The middle of the flowers are gems from the pen and the others are some I had myself. Obviously, it works with any.

HEHEHEHEHE:) I just LOVE this little happy face. I used fimo slices for the eyes, so as you can see, the clear sided tip can be used to stick almost anything to your nails:)

Now, I don't know why but, I can never do proper circles with my dotting tool:( I have tried and tried but they never come out fully or the size I want. With these, making dots was so easy for me. I have never made this many dots on my nails and have it look good. I am sure I can make them bigger if I wanted. I love they way this turned out!!!

So, there we have it. I think these pens are so fun and want some in every color:) The possibilities are endless. What do you guys think of my designs??? I know they are a bit on the cheesy side because it looks like a kid did some of it, lol, but as I said I had fun with it:)
What do you guys think of these? Think you would like them to do nail art with? Do you think they look easier then striper polishes?

For more information on these, you can check out their Facebook page to see a whole bunch of pictures and/or you can go straight to their website and buy directly from there, where prices range from 8-10$ each. They come in a lot of colors!!!