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Monday, 22 July 2013

Monday Mani challenge. Week 13

AAHH!! I am so ashamed of mysel...I have been so busy...I am behind on posting these every Monday. I have missed 3...But if I keep saying I will do it when I get the others done, I will never get any done. So, I have time to do this one right now, so I will and will post all the missing ones, ASAP! So, without furthuer ado.... on to the pictures:)


I LOVE the glitter on top! This is Anja Andresson's mani and HIT "Jack-o-lantern) is the topper:)

Love the way Jeanie Pou took this pic. It's Bondi "Chasing the sun". 

Michele CLinton got creative and went half creme with Depend #350 and half textured (so going to steal this look BTW:P)  with Julie G "Sugar rush"

Even though its hard not to focus on that gorgeous ring, this mani is from Briana, wearing one of her new Turkish polishes:)

Deneen Champion Smith is also wearing Julie G gumdrops:) 

I absolutely love this! Just looks so perfect!!! It's Kelly Monaghan in Essence "DOC" and Prince charming topper.

KAthy Smith wearing the hard to photograph(her words:) Orly "popsicle" .

There we have it! I guess, being summer, less people are able to participate. My camera is not letting me load pictures onto my computer, for some reason. Need to figure that out. Then will add mine:) See you next week, hopefully................

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