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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Monday Mani week 19 "Insipred by a fruit"

Hey hey all,
UGH! I really need to catch up on these weekly mani challenges. What a terrible host I am! I have not been keeping up with you guys. Been so busy. I am actually wearing a polish right now that has been on for 6 days (THE HORROR) and is starting to chip! I NEVER do that..... Anyhow, I am glad that a lot of you gals are keeping up and I will be adding to all these challenges shortly. When I have time I will try to do a bunch:) Anyhow, let's get to the yummy fruits:)

First up is Malin Cervin Kristianss with her kiwi mani but she think it looks more like "bird poo" which made me laugh!!! What do you think?

These 2 are from Kathy Smith. The one on top is her fav of the two. I actually like the bottom one a lot. I mean the top one is just as pretty, don't get me wrong but I like the citrus as well:)

Lisa Waldhaus says she was not happy with this one but I think it's a great job. I have tried to do cherries and they're not that easy! But these don't even look bad. I for one like it:)

Jeanie Pou had SUCH a great idea. She used Zoya "Tracie" and "Darcy" for the colors and used fimo slices to make it fruity. I have so many fimo slices, especially fruit and I have used them, what, twice I think?!?!? I may just take this route for my fruit mani. 

Anja Andersson is just making my mouth water with yet another great job!!!

I love Emma Lindberg's sparkly strawberries:) Just gorgeous:)

This is Michele Clinton's "loose interpretation" Revlon "Cherries in the snow". 

And last but certainly NOT least in Briana Allan who is just so clever. I love how realistic the lil dots look on her strawberries. Wanna know how she did it? They're caviar beads, painted white. Brilliant!!!!

So there's yet another week down. The popular fruit seems to be strawberries. Is it because it seems easy or it's everyone's fav?? Hmmmm.... Thanks to all who contributed yet again:)

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Monday Mani week 17 "Tribal" and week 18 "Neutrals"

Ok well, this was a very hard one, I didn't do it because I didn't even know where to begin, and as you can see by the fact that there is only 3 entries, I am sure a lot felt the same way. So CONGRATS to you that weren't too chicken to try it out:)

I absolutely LOVE this! Briana Allan did a wonderful job! And it doesn't look THAT hard (not too say she did something easy, by any means) but I was still too chicken to try. But if I do, this is the pattern I am going to do!

Here is Kathy Smith's first ever tribal mani, and for a first time, I definitely give her an A+ :)

I LOVE this one as well! I have been meaning to try a feather mani forever! and I thin k this fits in perfectly with a tribal theme! Another great job by Deneen Champion Smith:)

And since tribal week was so short, I have combined it with week  18 "neutrals. People were much more willing to try this one out:)

HEre's is Jeanie Pou's pretty neutral mani with Butter London "Aston" and SOPI "copper jewel" top coat.

First off all, I have seen Briana's blog and her pics for a long time now, and yes I am sllow but still.. I just realized her blog name is a combo of her name and her 2 girls (Emmy and Chiara). Isn't that just awesome? ABout as awesome as her choice for her neutral mani!:)

Here is Lisa Waldhaus wearing a very neutral by OPI called "Care to danse" :)

Heidi Winther with a l'oreal (name in her pic) that is now on my wishlist. Such a pretty color! I don't own enough beige/tans

Anja, yet again, (no surprise) did an awesome job with a glitter gradient on top and a lil stud. 

Deneen Champion Smith did a gorgeous fade of 2 color club polishes and an OPI shimmer. I love the look of the fade!

Here' Silke wearing Peripera "P012".  NEver heard of this brand.

Kathy Smith's creative mani which is a Color Club with Essie "mink muffs" in the center and Zoya "Richelle" down the sides.

Julie Smith who said she will not be repeating this color. Guess she didn't like it?

There is nothing I love more than a great cream and Michele Clinton is wearing a gorgeous one, which is Cult nails "Crusin' nude" here fav nude polish of all time and I can see why:)

and last but certainly not least is Kellee Foster wearing Hare polish "return to nature" a perfect name for a neutral polish:)

So, there we have it. Another two weeks down. We are now more than half way through..... All info, if anyone wants to join in the fun can be found in the first Monday Mani post:) Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who keep participating:)

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

La Bella Vernice "Brooklyn" "London" "Jozzi Bug"

Hello my fellow polish loving pals,
Hope everyone is doing well, I am, and I'm excited for what I have to share with you guys. I have a new indie on the block for you guys called La bella vernice which is made by a fb friend of mine who I have gotten to know well in the polish community. So, when she sent some polishes for me to try out for her, I got all excited and then when they arrived and I saw them, well, they took my breath away, seriously. First off, as I have said before, I always like to know that the polish is made by a fellow polish lover. Someone who has their heart into it and this is Roni to a T! Secondly, I know a lot of indie polishes have cool and creative bottles but they way these come are just so cute and extremely well put together. Let me show you how it looks.

Look at how cute those boxes are?!?!?! I loooove the key cutout and then, there's the key on the card:)

Here are the 3 polishes I got.

HAHA! ok well, if I got that excited with just the packaging, wait until you see the polishes!!! SO, the three I got were Brooklyn, London and Jozzi Bug. As always a bit about each polish..

LONDON: a light pink holographic, which is opaque in 2-3 coats (depending on your taste). it is described as "This spunky pink holo is full of energy and sparkles in any light. " on the website

Brooklyn: a GORGEOUS dark pink/red holo, with flecks of color in the sun, also opaque in 2-3 coats. described as "London is elegant and everything bella! This gorgeous holo polish is sure to brighten your day." on the website. 

Jozzi Bug: a light, baby blue holographic polish, with silver specks , opaque in 3 coats. Described as Beautiful aqua style holo blue that is gorgeous in and out of the sun!" on the site. 

So enough talking, right? As always my posts are picture heavy but so worth it with these polishes. All are worn with no base coat and I used Essie's top coat to finish it off. I know I am hesitant to put on a top coat on holo's in case it causes dullness but it did not with these pretties. 


I must say I am usually not a lover of pinks, especially light ones, but this just went with my skin tone perfectly and I just fell in love with it.

here it is in the shade:)


I cannot say how much I LOVE this color, especially in the sun. Look at it! Just gorgeous!

Even with this mini bottle, I did a full mani and was not even half way through the bottle.

Look at those flecks of color that just shine in the sun!


In the shade, it is still a lovely color, as you can see, with flecks of color.

                                                  Jozzi Bug

This color is just gorgeous and I feel horrible because I honestly did not do it justice. It still looks good here so imagine if I am saying it looks even better!

The sun sort of wroked with me in this picture.....

So, there you have it. Aren't they just gorgeous?!?!?! Especially in the sun! You may notice, well for me, that I did not post that many of "Jozzi Bug" and it is because I was not happy with the way my pictures turned so I have to re take some but I couldn't leave it out so posted the best ones. The sun was just not working with me that day.
I have nothing but good to say about these polishes and no, it is not just because a friend asked me to review them. I would never say a polish was good if I didn't think so. I wouldn't be rude about it but, know that my feeling about them are real. Holo's are so in right now and they just make your fingers sparkle, especially in the sun. I liked the formula of these polishes and the fact that you do not need an aqua base for them. I had no balding and, as I said, they were opaque in 2-3 coats. And I hate not wearing a top coat. I just feel as though my mani is unfinished without it so the fact that a top coat did not dull them is also a great thing.
Now, wouldn't you just love to own some? The bottles shown here are the small ones you can buy and want to hear the good news? They only cost 4.50$. I mean, that is a great price if you just want to try them out. But, if you are like me, I always want the full sized bottle, those go for 10$ which is a very reasonable price for an indie holo. Also, there is more than holo's if that is not your cup of tea. Go take a look at her website here>la bella vernice. You can also keep up with updates and see pictures on her facebook page here.
So, what do you guys think of these? Love to hear from all of you. Let me know if you get any. And of course, thank-you to Roni for giving me the opportunity to review these for her, it was a real treat. I will talk to you guys again soon.