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Friday, 9 August 2013

Monday Mani Challenge "Duo-chromeMichele Clinton has Cult nails ", week 15

So, alot of us had a hard time knowing what exactly a "duochrome" mani is...but from what I gathered, it is a mani with 2 colors, that shift from one to the other...Black and white is a very popular combo. SO, it is not monochrome" it is duochrome"....ok, it can be confussing, trust me I was as well....So, let's se what people came up with. We all have our own takes, there are not really any rules here. I would never not accpet an entry, unless it was totally off, and even then, if you had an explanation/reason, I would welcome it......

Jeanie Pou went with a nude and gold monochromew using China Glaze "fast track" and SOPI "14k top coat". I love the combo!

Lisa Waldhaus did a great job with her B&W mani. I LOVE those designs on her nails!

I LOOVE this one! Another gorgeous, flawless mani from Anja Anderson!

Kathy Smith did the "acid wash" technique for her mani.

Michele Clinton has Cult nails "Be loco" with "All out" for her accent nail.

Deneen Champion Smith wasn't sure if this could count, but I say YES! This is Emily De Molly "it's complicated" because let's face it, I found narrowing down specific duo chrome mani's was, well, complicated!!! 

And this is a gorgeous duo-chrome polish that is a new indie brand "La bella vernice" which will  be on the blog shortly and a brand you do not want to miss!!!!

So, there we have it. A lot of you may look at this and not agree with all these being duo-chrome mani's but as I said, I am not here to judge or be difficult. That is what is great about doing our nails. It's our own expression and us having fun so, we do what we want. I am not going to be fussy, these challenges are all in good fun, after all:)

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