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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Monday Mani week 19 "Insipred by a fruit"

Hey hey all,
UGH! I really need to catch up on these weekly mani challenges. What a terrible host I am! I have not been keeping up with you guys. Been so busy. I am actually wearing a polish right now that has been on for 6 days (THE HORROR) and is starting to chip! I NEVER do that..... Anyhow, I am glad that a lot of you gals are keeping up and I will be adding to all these challenges shortly. When I have time I will try to do a bunch:) Anyhow, let's get to the yummy fruits:)

First up is Malin Cervin Kristianss with her kiwi mani but she think it looks more like "bird poo" which made me laugh!!! What do you think?

These 2 are from Kathy Smith. The one on top is her fav of the two. I actually like the bottom one a lot. I mean the top one is just as pretty, don't get me wrong but I like the citrus as well:)

Lisa Waldhaus says she was not happy with this one but I think it's a great job. I have tried to do cherries and they're not that easy! But these don't even look bad. I for one like it:)

Jeanie Pou had SUCH a great idea. She used Zoya "Tracie" and "Darcy" for the colors and used fimo slices to make it fruity. I have so many fimo slices, especially fruit and I have used them, what, twice I think?!?!? I may just take this route for my fruit mani. 

Anja Andersson is just making my mouth water with yet another great job!!!

I love Emma Lindberg's sparkly strawberries:) Just gorgeous:)

This is Michele Clinton's "loose interpretation" Revlon "Cherries in the snow". 

And last but certainly NOT least in Briana Allan who is just so clever. I love how realistic the lil dots look on her strawberries. Wanna know how she did it? They're caviar beads, painted white. Brilliant!!!!

So there's yet another week down. The popular fruit seems to be strawberries. Is it because it seems easy or it's everyone's fav?? Hmmmm.... Thanks to all who contributed yet again:)