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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Monday Mani week 17 "Tribal" and week 18 "Neutrals"

Ok well, this was a very hard one, I didn't do it because I didn't even know where to begin, and as you can see by the fact that there is only 3 entries, I am sure a lot felt the same way. So CONGRATS to you that weren't too chicken to try it out:)

I absolutely LOVE this! Briana Allan did a wonderful job! And it doesn't look THAT hard (not too say she did something easy, by any means) but I was still too chicken to try. But if I do, this is the pattern I am going to do!

Here is Kathy Smith's first ever tribal mani, and for a first time, I definitely give her an A+ :)

I LOVE this one as well! I have been meaning to try a feather mani forever! and I thin k this fits in perfectly with a tribal theme! Another great job by Deneen Champion Smith:)

And since tribal week was so short, I have combined it with week  18 "neutrals. People were much more willing to try this one out:)

HEre's is Jeanie Pou's pretty neutral mani with Butter London "Aston" and SOPI "copper jewel" top coat.

First off all, I have seen Briana's blog and her pics for a long time now, and yes I am sllow but still.. I just realized her blog name is a combo of her name and her 2 girls (Emmy and Chiara). Isn't that just awesome? ABout as awesome as her choice for her neutral mani!:)

Here is Lisa Waldhaus wearing a very neutral by OPI called "Care to danse" :)

Heidi Winther with a l'oreal (name in her pic) that is now on my wishlist. Such a pretty color! I don't own enough beige/tans

Anja, yet again, (no surprise) did an awesome job with a glitter gradient on top and a lil stud. 

Deneen Champion Smith did a gorgeous fade of 2 color club polishes and an OPI shimmer. I love the look of the fade!

Here' Silke wearing Peripera "P012".  NEver heard of this brand.

Kathy Smith's creative mani which is a Color Club with Essie "mink muffs" in the center and Zoya "Richelle" down the sides.

Julie Smith who said she will not be repeating this color. Guess she didn't like it?

There is nothing I love more than a great cream and Michele Clinton is wearing a gorgeous one, which is Cult nails "Crusin' nude" here fav nude polish of all time and I can see why:)

and last but certainly not least is Kellee Foster wearing Hare polish "return to nature" a perfect name for a neutral polish:)

So, there we have it. Another two weeks down. We are now more than half way through..... All info, if anyone wants to join in the fun can be found in the first Monday Mani post:) Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who keep participating:)


  1. I think Anja's one is my favorite. And the first one is really pretty too.

    1. Anja always does such a great job! She's really talented! Not to take away from the other girls, by any means. I am just truly inspired by Anja:)

  2. I love these posts! I always realize I've missed a couple on the wall... LOL! Keep up the good work Krystal!

    1. Thanks hun! I always love having your entries:) As I just said, you do awesome work!