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Friday, 9 August 2013

Monday MAni challenge, week 16, "purple"

After blue, purple is my fav, go to color. So this week is one of my favs. And with this, we are now all caught up! I thank you all for being patient and understanding with me:)


Like me, Briana seems to love purpls cause she did two tries:) The top is "Whoops" from Mckfresh" and the bottom is China Glaze "that's shore bight" with some purple holo foils.

HA!! AWESOME PHOTO BOMB ALERT!!! hehehe!! such a cute dog!!! But the mani focus is Kellee Foster's nails which are Butter London "Marrow" with "Knackered" on the index finger:)

Michele Clinton is wearing Zoya pixie dust "Carter" AKA my number one pixie dust lemming! this is just gorgeous!!!!!!!

ANja Andersson in Color Club "Too violet"

ANd because great minds think alike, Deneen Champion Smith went with the same polish I choose, which is a gorgeous purple from China glaze called "Flying dragon".

Another polish I am dying to try is Picture polish, which Kathy SMith is wearing in "Wysteria" with an accent nail of Jindie nails "Tastes like snozberries"

Jeanie Puo in a brand i am dying to try , KBS shimmer. This color is" Lilac dreams"

Maggie  wearing, "cosmic forces" and femme fatale "edge of cosmo" for accent nail on top and Gloss and sparkle "fruit tingle" and "Lead paint" for the accent:)

KArin Johansson wearing, as she called it a "blurple mani" because she says this is more purple than pic, unlike the picture leads us to believe. And I know how it is to take pics of a polish and the color  just won't  capture!!! This polish is LA color girl "addict junkie" 

Michele Clinton with another from Cirque "Fascination street".. WOW! This is beyond gorgeous!

Nubar "nile purple" another from Karin Johansson" which is a really nice jelly and Darling dive "ringer" which she says is a dupe for Max Factor "fantasy fire". Gorgeous!

And...Michele Clinton (I am not the only one who loves purple and this is too gorgeous not to share) wearing a Swedish brand Make-up store "Lea"

HAHA! So, obviously I am not the only one who loves purple. Everyone seems to have more than one in their stash that is their fav:) So there we have it, I am now all caught up and I can finally fell good and take a breath of relief...Now, I must just keep up:) Darn you summer fun! lol..........


  1. I love purple on other people, but it just isn't my color. But I love the 2nd pic, the China Glaze!

    1. I love purple! and that's the exact polish I choose:) You never know, you should give a purple polish a try:) It's less risky than trying an outfit:) More subtle!