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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Saturday, 16 June 2012

LOVE these pictures and wanted to share them.....
all I can think when I see this picture is "WHAT A WASTE OF POLISH"!!!!!

Got my first stamping plates! Got to admit, it is not as easy as the youtube videos seem to be. I do seem to have a hard time. Either the whole image doesn't go on stamp or it doesn't go onto nail completely. I even went and bought the special stamping polish, but did not do much of a difference. I have even more now then this picture. Any suggestions/tricks top help me out?

"I spotted the lizard" from the Spiderman OPI collection is beyond gorgeous. It is the only one I picked up at first glance of the line. I am just in LOVE with this color. It changes color in the sun and, my awful pictures do not do it justice......
Got my first Julep box last month!

Karma was just as excited as I was.....

You can see her enjoying the shredded paper.. I was actualy more excited with the polish. 

these are my first Julpes


 To be honest I choose Maven because it had 3 polishes rather then 2 and a cream...


 I was disappointed with "brooke" seeing as it was so light and barely noticeable. Jessica was my fav but it was really thick and hard to work with..
 So overall, I wasnt as pleased as I expected with my first Juleps. I did not get the June box and am debating the July one.....
Brooke was a bit more pleasing when added as a top coat. In this pic it is added over Mandy.
heres another great giveaway! GOOD LUCK!!!