Fast Blinking Hello Kitty

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Got my first stamping plates! Got to admit, it is not as easy as the youtube videos seem to be. I do seem to have a hard time. Either the whole image doesn't go on stamp or it doesn't go onto nail completely. I even went and bought the special stamping polish, but did not do much of a difference. I have even more now then this picture. Any suggestions/tricks top help me out?


  1. I totally sympathize with you.... my problem seems to be getting the whole image on my nail...if you can figure out any good tricks let me know lol

  2. could be your stamper is too hard or you are waiting too long my mom had same issue and it was mostly her stamper
    stamper should have a lot of give as for stamping polishes i can take or leave those if you are having issue with it drying too fast try a slow dry nail polish