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Friday, 9 August 2013

Monday Mani Challenge, week 12 "Gradients"

So, still catching up, here is week 12. Gradients are something that I just can't master. So I truly admire and envy all who can do them. Something I need to keep practicing, right? Anyhow, let's have a look at what others, who have the talent to do it have came up with:)


I LOVE the colors of this gradient by Kristina McCurley! And the accent finger is gorgeous! You can never got wrong with glitter...:)

Lisa Waldhaus did this gradient on a friends nails and I wish I was a friend who lived nearby. This is just beautiful!!!

Kelly Monaghan's gradient, who, she says is "not great, just ok" but I have to disagree. I think it looks great! I know how hard they are to do and that is what I have tried. Sponging over white and if mine even looked anywhere close to this one, I would be happy!!!

WOW! This gorgeous mani is Michele Clinton wearing Mentality "Charity" ( a holo color shifting polish) and Cirque "XX". Michele says that the pictures don't capture the true beauty of these polishes so, IRL, they must just be gorgeous!!!

These two gorgeous glitter colors are the gradient that Kathy Smith did:)

Seriously, Anja Anderson seems to never fail! Her mani's are always spot on!  Like Briana, this could also fit in with stripe week but it is spot on gorgeous for our gradient theme!Julie G gumdrops "Tangerine dream" and "hot cinnamon"

Here is Briana's Gradient, although it also fits right tin with stripes week:)

So there are the gradients and I hope to be able to add one to this post very soon..... DREAM BIG!!! :) 


  1. I really love the purple color. My girls are into painting their nails daily now, so I need to get them some of this

    1. Just get them makeup sponges. the triangle ones? Those are best for doing gradients and it's not too hard. Just takes practice:)