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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Monday Mani Challenge, Week 5, "Metallics"

Oh the shame...Posting Monday mani challenge on a Wednesday..... My face is red... Sorry guys, stupid life gets in the way sometimes.... As always, all info needed can be found here and we still welcome people to join:) Lets get right into this, shall we>:)


OOOHHH! Look at that gorgeous blue/green...not sure what to call it but gorgeous!! Submitted by the just as gorgeous Deneen Champion Smith. It is KC Metallic aqua.

JEanie Pou wearing Julep "Felicity". I like this yellow/gold color.

Karin Johansson chose this because of the copper glitter:) Smart lady:) Two smart ladies, you will see why...

Silke Blankestijn with a metallic color, just not sure what it is.

Michele Clinton with Essie "Penny talk" for accent nail and DL  "Ray of Light". I love the color of the DL!!!

Roni DeVore who isnt sure "What to think of this color"... I think I like it:)

Charlotte Brookes, as she said "Went for something different in terms of metallic. I hated it. Stupid little flake things! Was definitely picturing a pretty nail, not some irritating 'I want to pick it all off thirty seconds after doing it' manicure. Hey ho" .  I am not sure how they would feel but I LOVE the way this looks! As someone on our group said "It looks like pieces of glass" and it's so true!

Our lovely quest blogger from last week Dawn Bunny bun-bun with her gorgeous mani! Rainbow Honey "Skyward bot" and "femme bot" and Kelara "daydream" for accent:)

Briana Allan wearing the same polish as Karin:) It sure is a beauty! it is face of Australia "Funky town" and the cat (which she made herself by making her own nail decal!!!) is Zoya "Dahlia". I LOVE cats. I am so going to try and make these for myself! 

Julie Smith wearing Zoya Areetha:)

Kathy Smith wearing WetnWild MEgalast "Root of all evil"  as she said "ONE coat...and I polished right over my other mani, and only slight clean up, cause I don't like metallics.....and you can see why shows all my nail can see where they've peeled...and they look uneven!"  I could not agree more, which is why I was not happy with mine!

Anja Andersson with a GORGEOUS purple!! I LOVE this purple!! it's Kleancolor "metallic purple". Perfect name and polish for this challenge ;)

I LOVE this!!! Here is Ana Johnson's mani. OOHH! Look at that glitter! I want them!! Wanna read about them? She just did a review on her blog so go have a look:)> here

And that's that! See? it's as simple as that. I still have to edit my picture.... I wasn't too happy with mine but it will be added soon:) So, we are all having fun with this challenge and it is going along quite nicely:) Hope you guys are having fun seeing all the mani's and don't forget to contact me to join, any time:)

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