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Friday, 14 September 2012

PRetty and Polished "Punked up Betty" and Essie's "Marshmallow" jelly mani

Hello all,
Well, it has been a while since my last post..... Been busy and such. But NEVER too busy to keep u[p with my nails and such! Today, I have something that I have been wanting to try FOREVER! I have seen so many "Jelly manis" around lately and had to try it. However, out of the almost 200 polishes I have, I could just not find the right sheer polish. I really wanted to do a white one and all the pics I saw were almost all done with Essie's "Marshmallow". I went a looked for one at my local pharmacy, which is where I usually get all my Essie's at. Well, there and Walmart. They did not have it, and neither did all the other places O looked. So I kind of gave up on it and about a month later, back at the pharmacy in my fav section, looking at the polishes, what do I spot? MARSHMALLOW!!! they only had two left so I grabbed it faster then I could say Marshmallow!! HEre is what it looks like in the bottle. It is a very basic white and from what I understand should not be a HTF as it is supposed to be in there core collection. Perhaps a lot of other girls were wanting to do a jelly with it as well...? IT is the perfect white for a jelly many, I must admit.
 THen I had the task of deciding what to use to go with it. I had a hard time deciding but then I figured I would try out the "Punked up Betty" since I had tried it on one finger and not really liked it and did not know what to wear it with. Well, I was quite happy with my choice:) here is "Punked up Betty"

And here is the final outcome!


It sort of reminds me of cookie dough ice cream!!! I dont know why but it makes me crave sweets just looking at my nails:)

as you can see, "Punked up Betty" has some large, silver hexagons in it but with the white put on top for the final layering, they turned to white and you ant really see them all that much. Thats ok with me because I dont really like the hexagons in this particular polish.

 I know it doesn't really look all that much like most jelly mani's and I wish I had taken pictures before I put on the final white on top. It looked really good just "Punked up Betty" over white. I actually liked it better then my final outcome but I was going for a mani:) It is my first try so keep it in mind....

 SEE! It is particularly my index finger that really makes me think of cookie dough (oreo) ice cream! Just look at that!

 Well, there you have it! So, what do you guys think of my first jelly mani? Again, I apologize for the horrible pics I take. I wish I could take clearer pictures.... But you can see it, at least. Have you tried a jelly yet? If so, what did you sue? I really want to try another one and want to do a red and a blue! and of course, use this white again:) And, is anyone going to eat some sweets now??? lol.... Hope you enjoyed my post. Talk to you soon:)


  1. I was just googling more jelly sandwich examples and found this, and I was like, "WHOA, I DID THAT EXACT SAME THING." I find it awesome that someone else did it, with essie's marshmallow and Pretty & Polished's Punk'd Up Betty. xD

  2. did you?? Great minds think alike!!! lol. I love this combo. Like I said, reminds me or Oreo ice cream!!!