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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

365 days of color "too pink to function" and "soak up the sun"

So, if you read the previous post, where I was going to originally post these pics and the review, you now know that showing you my nail mail haul was longer then I expected and HECK, these polishes deserve their own post! So, I had seen these polishes around for a while and loved a lot of swatches I saw but never got around to getting any. Then I heard she was having a "free shipping" sale going on. I am a sucker for any type of sale. Especially with me being in CAnada where at times the shipping is more then the order and often not worth getting what I want. This certainly caught my attention. I am very glad it did because I am quite pleased with the polishes. I must say whereas sales get my attention, if the product is a good one, I will be a returning customer which is the case with these. SO I got two polishes. I choose "too pink to function" and " soak up the sun". I LOVE white polishes with glitter, such as "JAwbreaker" "party on my yacth" and "birthday cakes". I own all but jawbreaker (LEMMING!), so there was a white one that cuaght my eye but then I saw "soak up the sun" and since I dont like getting a lot of similar polishes, I was even hesitant about this one but then I decided to try it out. It is yellow, not white and I liked the swatches I saw. ( I hugely rely on swatches from others to make decisions) . I saw and liked a lot more. She has a great variety and I had a hard time choosing. At frist I did nto want "too pink to function" since I own so many pink polishes and so many sparkle polishes, I figured I could probably replicate it and be pretty darn close if I wanted to. BUT, as always, I looked at swatches and was hooked and boy am I glad I went with it! I thought fopr sure "soak up the sun" was going to be my favourite but I was wrong....

 Here are the two bottles. Lately, I have been making polish rings with a lot of my polishes. These two were no exception. On these pictures, the ring base is not yet added. It is just the stone. I will be making a post about rings, but just in case you were wondering what they were, you now know:)

 Look at all that glittery goodness. Isnt it just beautiful??

Before I continue with pictures, I must say that some are pre clean up. Now I know, because I have read it from numerous places, that this gets on alot of peoples nerves. I was just so excited, as I usually am, and take pictures right away. SO if you see a mess, it is pre clean up but I did, for you guys that hate it, take some after I cleaned up:)

 ISnt it just so pretty? It was a prefect application as well. This is 3 coats and 2 did the trick. I just like to make sure that there is no VNL. I just cant stand VNL for some reason....

 and look at all the sparkles on each nail. And this is without any digging. With 2 coats, you get enough on each nails.

 Just look at all that sparkly goodness in the bottle!!!!

Lil bunny is also happy with "to pink to function" if you could see him, you would see that he was dancing!!!

Now I know that this is a lot of pictures, but trust me, I took ALOT!!! I hope that you guys notice tht the picture quality is a bit better. Did any of you notice that? I got a new digital camera and am learning how to use it. It takes much better pictures then my web cam. Do you agree? PLEASE let me know. I know I still have a lot of learning to do, but even I do notice that they pictures are clearer and you can see the polish much  better.

Now, another issue I have is that I NEVER show my left hand. I am a smoker (yes I know...YUCK!! disgusting! things I tell myself daily and I am trying really hard to quit.) and my left hand is just yucky! I am a VERY pale person, being a red head will do that to you, so my left hand is stained. It is something I hate and I am disgusted with. I originally did my right hand all pink and made my ring finger "soak up the sun" and made my left hand the opposite with the index of that hand being "too pink to function" but I did not like the way it looked. Whereas "too pink to function" was a dream to work with and apply, "soak up the sun" is a very thick polish. It goes on thickly and clumpy. Now that is expected with polishes that are filled with sparkles. I am actually surprised at how well the pink went on. And I have had much worse. I did not yet, but I am thinking that if I just add a bit of thinner (which I have seen a lot of people do) it should be better. I am just worried about using it since I never have before. I do not want to use too much and ruin my polish so I am iffy on using it. I mean it is a bit hard to work with but not impossible....

So as I said, please dont mind my yucky, yellow stained fingers.... I hate them enough as is....

So as you can see from the pictures, "soak up the su" is much thicker and chunkier. It does not have such a smooth coat.

So, what do you guys think of these polishes? Can you see my pictures better? Do you own any of these? If so which? If not, would you like any? Let me know. Hope you liked my post. I know I add a lot of pictures, but yea, I take ALOT, and even this are hard to dwindle down to.....LMAO!!! 


  1. Awesome pics! The camera definitely makes a difference =)

  2. I know!! Thanks:) WIll be sticking with it from now on:) THe sun also helped:)

  3. Wow these are so pretty! "too pink to function" is my favorite but my favorite color is pink so that's expected :) and I don't know what your so worried about with your fingers they look fine!! If you didn't say anything about them being stained I wouldn't have even noticed you can barely notice as it is =P and the picture look fab!! :)

    1. IT is such a pretty color:) and thanks for not toticing, lol :P but thats how we all are, isnt it? We see the little bad things in/on us more then others do. As they say, we are our own worst critics!