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Monday, 11 March 2013

OPI... Eurso Euro and My paprika is hotter than yours. "Euro collection"

Good evening all,

Hope all is well. I am back this evening with some swatches from OPI's Euro collection. I am loving the colors from this line. I have almost all of them and when I do, I will swatch all of them but for tonight I have two to show you. OPI..Eurso Euro and My paprika is hotter than yours. I decided these two would go great together and am quite happy with my decision. This line has many beautiful cremes which these two are. I am excited to show them all to you. But on to what I have tonight. I choose "My paprika" as the mani color and "OPI... Eurso Euro" for the accent nail.

My Paprika is hotter than yours: A red/orange creme with a bit of shimmer. Perfect for those just waiting on Spring to arrive:) I had a bit of difficulty with this one. It was a bit on the thick side for me, but not unmanageable. I never have issues with OPI's and love their polishes. It may be because I had it opened for a bit as I was doing my nails, but I had to redo a few of my nails because it was thick and streaky. But with a third coat, on most nails, the imperfections were fixed. Two coats is more than enough for this one. Even one coat will do the job. I always do two coats and added a third only to cover up some issues.

OPI...Eurso Euro: A gorgeous dark, navy blue blue creme, I found a dream to apply. Just the right amount of thin and went on perfectly for me. I did two coats, because as I just explained I always do but one would surely suffice.

On to the good stuff:):)

*I must add that on my middle finger, you will notice some bumps. This has nothing at all to do with the polish. I was previously wearing a very heavy glitter mani and thought I had gotten all of it off. Even after using the foil method to remove it, I guess some stayed behind. I didn't even notice it until I saw the pictures, unfortunately.



This one is taken in the shade. "My paprika" is such a bright color, even in the shade it "pops"
HAHA! I just had to add this one. While taking pics outside, I saw this in my yard and thought it was the exact same color, or pretty darn close to this shade. Maybe it will give you an idea of what kind of orange it is. As you can see, the polish is brighter:)

Another picture that shows just how much this color "pops" Love the way the orange just "pops" (sorry I can't come up with another word but "pop") surrounded by the green!

So, that's the pictures. I am really happy with my choice of colors. I love the brightness of "My paprika is hotter than yours" and the contrast "OPI....Eurso Euro" has next to it. I am in love with this dark blue. But you know me and blues:):) Definitely check out this collection. The cremes are just gorgeous! I have a few things in mind for some mani's with them. Hope you guys enjoyed these pictures. I don't know what is wrong with my "Photobucket" the watermark is only showing on half my pictures?? I tried a few times but it just won't add. Oh well, my pictures are far from perfect and really doubt anyone would feel the need to "steal" them.
Have you guys tried any from this collection? Any you are dying to try?? Love to hear from you all. Let me know:) Till next time...........