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Friday, 29 March 2013

Zoya Phoebe

I have a really quick post for you guys today. The beautiful and gorgeous Zoya "Phoebe"
 It is a bright blue matte polish, from their Mod matte polishes. I had heard that it was difficult to work with before I got it, and I had heard right. Application is on the streaky side. Took me three coats to get it looking even. As you apply it, it just goes on uneven and doesn't look good. However, the next day, when it is all settled I guess, I found it looked a lot better.

The only thing with matte's is that you can't add a top coat or it will take a way the matte look. Some people will apply the polish, then pot a TC and then one last layer, but I didn't. As you can see on my tips, wear does show quickly.

In the shade

You can certainly see the brush lines and that is what I meant by it being difficult as you apply it. It is hard to get it to look even.

In the sun

But all in all, with a bit of work, this polish is beyond worth the effort. It is just gorgeous! I love it so much! I also have "Veruschka" which is another Zoya matte and it's not as hard to work with, maybe because it is a darker shade, and just as lovely. I definitely want some more Zoya mattes!

So, that is that. Just a quick post and hope you guys enjoyed it:) 


  1. I have this beauty :) It's gorgeous :)

  2. Ughh! I want this polish so bad !! <3 Lovee your swatches! !

    1. Thanks Anita. I got it when Zoya was having its 3 for 10$ promo. Of course, it was from a US friend, since they dont ship to Canada. Funny thing is, I almost dint get this one. I got "Aurora" and "Storm" because those were the ones I was going for and had a hard time deciding on the third. It was the first one I choose but then I was looking at all the others and I had been told it was hard to work with. But I sure am glad I got it!! Have you checked Nail polish Canada??