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Friday, 29 March 2013

MY collection.

Hello all,
So, one of the first posts I ever did on here was showing you my then polish collection and my nail polish rack I had just made. In case you never saw it, here it is. I often get asked how I keep all my polish and I love seeing how others keep theirs. Well, needless to say, that rack is beyond full. It is bursting at the seams. I remember when my goal was to fill it up! Seems like just yesterday.... I am currently trying to decide if I should get a melmer/helmer or build more racks. I say "more" because I would need at least another 5 for what I currently have and it is no doubt going to keep growing, we all know that!!! But I thought I would show you guys how my collection is stashed currently. Its a bit of a hassle, as you will see I have polish EVERYWHERE!!! Anyhow, lets have a look

So, to start off, here's how my rack looks now. I try to put all my indies on it, but they're not all there. I had to move all the OPI's and most of my Essie's to a drawer. So anyhow, these aren't my favourite polishes, as most tend to think, since it is on my rack. These were mostly what was first on there and it stayed, except for some moving around.

HAHA! I TOLD YOU its was "bursting at the seams" I had to add those white pieces you see because the shelves are so heavy and I was scared they would fall but I have had no issue! Actually quite surprising and this has been up for over a year and filled to that extend for at least 8 months!!

On the absolute top, I have things that came in boxes and kept them in and a few random polishes.
Under that is China Glaze (some of them) and all my strippers and small polishes.
Then its an all indie shelf, including my beloved Manglazes and Whimsies:)
Then some Essie's (stress on SOME) and more indies:)
Then some NOPI's and OPI's. Mainly the whole "Modern family" collection and some "Selena Gomez".
The next two are really random. Some Juleps, zoya's, Daisy, Maybelline NYC, Layla's, Butter London, Up Colors and NFU-OH and a few others. 

Then , at first, when it was just so full that I couldn't add even one more polish, I got this bucket:)
As you can see, there is really no order to this. There's Nubar, NYC, Sally Hansen, Revlon and a bunch of other randoms.

THEN, this got full. I absolutely never wanted to put polish in a drawer at first. Which is why I am contemplating a melmer/helmer. It's great for storage and has a lot of room and keeps things neat and all in one place, but I like having my pretties out for all to see:) But, OPI and Essie being the two brands I have the most of and would need a few racks just for them, I made a drawer just for them and eventually had to add more to it.

Here's a closer look at what's in there...
As I said, OPI's and Essie's. AAHH.... Just look at the rainbow of colors:) Makes me so happy to look at... Yea  I am weird....
Then some Sally Hansen, NYC, Sinful colors, China Glaze and Billie.

And the rest of my NOPI's. That pair of pants is there because it stops the polish from moving all over the place when strategically placed:)

So, that's all my polish you say? NO, not yet....

I always have this section of my bureau with at least 10 polishes on it. Its usually new ones that I still haven't swatched yet. Or polishes I am planning on using.... Or polishes for swaps:)

The drawer full of polish is from this cabinet I have...
and as you can see, all the shelves are full of boxes and nail related items. On the first shelf is, you guessed it, some polish...
As you can see, I am not too organized. I keep all the boxes because I do a lot of swaps with other girls. Apart from polish, I also have all my "tools", meaning stuff i use when doing my nails. I keep it all that in this 
IT is also a mess, but an organized mess, to me. In it I have all my nail wheels. Every polish I get, I swatch on these so I can easily see what a polish looks like. I rather have sticks and plan on switching to those but for now, this is what I have. Each wheel is numbered or named. I try to keep it all together by brands but sometimes I cant....

I also have these nail wheels for art. I practice on them or see if two colors go good together or whatnot. Stuff like that....

This is the rest of the stuff in there.

Here's a closer look at the contents....
Some stickers, glitter, beads, sliced fimo slices, stripping tape...
Fimo canes, rhinestones, art pens, glitter, book of stamping plates, stampers...
Paint brushes for nail art or mixing colors, franken bottles, my nail soakers and some nail foils.

I keep all my stamping plates in this old photo album (the Christmas thing). I have aver 20 of them so instead of having them loose all over the place, I have them in here so I can easily see them and get to them.

SO there you have it. Its a mess, but its a beautiful mess:) And ask me for any bottle or any nail art item and I can find it in less than a minute:) It may look and be disorganized to others, but to me, I know where everything is. But , as I mentioned I still need to change the way I have my polish set up. I want them to be all together, not all over the place and preferably have them showing. But I have to see if I would even have enough room. I have about 500 polishes, if you're curious, this is my stash, so I would need at least another 4-5 racks and I know my collection will only keep growing. AND I am such a hoarder, uh...I mean collector, I have a hard time getting rid of any....LOL . So racks, although better for what I want, takes a lot of room. Anyhow, something for me to think about. 

So, how do you keep your collection? I am curious and would love to hear what seems to be more popupal. Racks or helmer/melmers?? What do you think of the way I have mine set up?
Anyhow, I know I didn't show any polish in this post but it is still polish related. Hope you enjoyed it. Till next time.....


  1. Omg Krystal!! You are fucking adorible!!! <3 when you said you had a blog I didn't think you practically had your own online magazine!! Your an amazing writer and your grammer is perfect I am amazed. You. Me. Dinner. Let's make this happen :P

    1. LOL!!! this is from "anonymous" so I am not too sure who wrote it, but if you mean a dinner where we talk about polish, I am in!!! hahaha!!! And thanks, but it's far from an "online magazine". I just do me. I know the pics aren't the best and my mani's aren't always clean and perfect but I have fun with it and that's what matters:)