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Friday, 22 March 2013

OPI Euro Collection

So, as you know I am not really one to sit and swatch a whole bunch of polishes all at once. However, I have the whole OPI Euro and Mariah Carey Collection so I decided to do so. First, I have the Euro collection for you guys today. However, I already swatched, "My paprika is hotter than yours" and "OPI.... Eurso Euro, so I wont be including those. If you haven't seen that post, you can do so here. Anyhow, you guys know how I am picture heavy in most of my posts, so you can just imagine this one. The whole collection has twelve shades, all with fun names having to do with, you guessed it , Europe, so let's just dive right in:)
All pictures are with OPI top coat and taken in the sun, unless otherwise noted:) And worn with OPI top coat.

First up is "Hands of my Kielbasa", which is a bronze/tan polish. At first I wan not going to get this polish since I usually tend to stay away from sheer polishes, but I was quite pleased with it. There was no NVL with three coats and it gives a classic, subtle look for your nails. Perfect for work or somewhere that doesn't allow/encourage "loud " nails.

A Woman's Prague-ative: A shimmery gold/copper, when I had it right under the sun it reminded me exactly of a penny. The specks just shine on your nails. This is another color I would usually not go for a color like this, but so glad I got it. I especially loved it over black, which is what I did one my ring finger. The black is OPI "Black onyx"

My vampire is buff: Another subdued color, it is a cream, pale, beige-ish nude. Formula is a tad on the thick side but with three coats everything evened out and looked fine. Perfect color to go with all your glitter polishes and great for nail art. As you can see, I almost didn't add these pictures because my cuticles are just horrible. I am really quite embarrassed to have them look like this. After a day of swatching (I also did the Mariah Carey collection at same time) it took a real toll on them. Even if I was moisturizing after every color. So try, if you can, to ignore them.

Can't find my Czechbook: This is definitely one of the standouts of this collection. I love me my blues and creme polishes so this was almost made for me. A bright aqua, just perfect for Spring.


I saw...U saw...We saw..Warsaw. I LOVE this color. Again, a shade of blue and a creme, I think it is just perfect.  Does lean towards the teal side, formula was great. Sadly, I didn't get the best swatches. I had a really hard time with the clean-up process. It did make a mess. Also, I didn't, but I would strongly suggest you use a base coat for this one.

Oy-Another Polish joke: Probably my least fav from this collection, only because it is sheer and even after three coats, there was still VNL. This yellow/gold shimmer does look great over black though. And I am sure with perhaps more coats, it would be better. I have seen other swatches and it looked pretty. But in my hands, it just didn't end up looking that way:( Ring finger black in OPI "black onyx" A fun glitter that goes great with all the creams in this collections. Its is a clear base filled with teal, purple/violet, bright blue large and small glitters. Love this glitter. Great for an accent nail:)
I hardly ever wear glitter alone, especially if it is in a clear base, like this one. As I said, it goes great over all of the cremes from this collection so decided to show it to you over "Vant to bite my neck" and " You're such a Budapest". One of the dark cremes and one of the light cremes. Goes especially great with purples, for obvious reasons:)

in the shade

Suzi's Hungary again: A cute , medium warm pink, I fell in love with this one. I usually don't like pinks very often but this one is just perfect for Spring and really pops with its creme and very subtle sheerness. 

(My pictures are a lot more peachy then the color actually is. It is more pink then it is peachy)

You're such a Budapest: This was the other color I was most excited about and it didn't disappoint. The companion, in my opinion, to "suzi's Hungary again", its the exact same formula and finish but this time its a periwinkle purple.

Vant to bite my neck: A deep , purple, eggplant creme, I hard such a hard time capturing this color for some reason. My pictures surely don't do it justice. Again, I strongly suggest a base coat. Great formula, wore two coats in these pictures.

SO there you have it. This is quite a collection with a huge variety of colors and finishes. I love the fun names. I only had nine of them at first, having skipped the sheer ones, but figured I may as well go for all of them and glad I did. Again, the real standouts to me were "Suzi's Hungary again" " You're such a Budapset" "I saw...U saw...We saw...Warsaw" and surprisingly "A woman's Prague-ative" especially over black. I have to admit I got that idea from the wonderful Carly, over at Lacquered Lover and so glad I did. She wore "Oy-Another Polish joke" over black which gave me the idea. Please do not compare my swatches to hers, LOL. Carly is such a wonderfully  talented swatcher, I love her blog and it was actually the first one I started reading and what got me into the whole online polish community. I can't imagine you not knowing it but if you don't, make sure you go on over and have a look.

OPI polishes are available at most places where polish is sold. Here in Canada they usually cost around 9.99$. I have a shop I go to where a membership is needed and get them for 5.50$ All polishes are bought with money from my own pocket and all opinions are my own.

So, which colors are standout to you guys? Do you own any? If so which ones? Thoughts on the whole collection? Love to hear from all of you so let me know. Next up will be the Mariah Carey collection including the lovely sand art polishes which I just LOVE so stay tuned:)

 PS. For some reason, photobucket would just not let me add watermarks to my pictures. It was doing this to me the last time as well. I don't know what is happening. So, if you decide to use to share any of my pictures, please share where you got them fro. I can't imagine people using them, but you never know:)

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