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Thursday, 7 March 2013

PAris Sparkles "Rasberry delight" "Peridot" "Midnight in Paris"

Hello all,
Well I have some wonderful news to share, my camera is back!!!! I am so happy. It was a thrill to have all my guest bloggers and am so happy and grateful to all. It was a real help. Thanks ladies. But, I am back :) HEHEHEHEHE::) . And, what I have for you is an indie brand by the name of "Paris Sparkles". I have three to show you and just like the name of their brand, the are all sparkle:) If you're a glitter bomb lover then these polishes are made just for you. Head on over to her etsy shop and have a look at all her pretties:) Anyhow, on to the polishes:) The three I have today are,

Rasberry Delight: "OMG...Rasberry Delight nail polish is super glittery. Layer it alone or with a coordinating color for maximum sparkles or give it a coat or two for a more subtle appearance." (from etsy)
I would like to add that it is packed with tiny red and silver glitters that just glisten in the sun:)

Mindnight in Paris: "OMG...Midnight in Paris nail polish is super glittery. Pictured nails are layered with two coats of glittery polish. No need for a base coat, top coat or anything in between like so many other polishes. Paris Sparkles is all you need for PERFECT nails." (From Etsy)
IT really is a gorgeous blue. I was actually supposed to swatch these a few days ago but once I put this one on, I kept it on for a few days. I mean, it's me here and this polish is blue AND sparkly!! At first glance I thought I would need to add an undie to it to avoid VNL but with three coats, it was just fine:) 

Peridot: "Peridot nail polish is super glittery and sooo sooo pretty. Mixed with shades of green. Paris Sparkles nail polish stands alone. Pictured nails are layered with two coats of glittery polish. No need for a base coat, top coat or anything in between like so many other polishes. Paris Sparkles is all you need for PERFECT nails. " (From Etsy)
I did not add a top coat to this one just to show the difference and some people like that gritty look. Personally  it looks a lot better with a top coat:)

Anyhow, let's get to the good stuff. Get ready, this is going to be picture heavy:)

Rasberry Delight


As I mentioned, there is silver glitter in the polish which you can see in these indoor pictures but....


...Once you see these outdoor pictures, you just see it even more and see how the silver just pops! I Love the way this looks in the sun:)

Midnight in Paris

I just love the dark blue of this polish and all the glitter in it just shines. Wait till you see it in the sun!


SEE!!! What did I say!! Just look at it! I couldnt stop looking at my nails when I was in the sun:) I am sure you guys can understand why I decided to keep this on for a few days! Way to gorgeous for just a quick swatch!!


Sadly, there was nothing but rain for three straight days so i did not get any pictures in the sun. But, like the others, it also shines in the sun. This sort of reminded me as the green counterpart of "Rasberry delight" as it also had silver glitter which just sparkles:)

As I mentioned, there is not top coat. I wanted to show the gritty look on at least one of these. It is not my favourite, but it's not too gritty. I would, however  strongly suggest a top coat, a heavy one and at least two coats, to get that nice, shiny glossy finish:)

So, there you have it:) Overall, I was very pleased with these polishes. As I said, if you love glitter polishes, definitely, give some a try. Their are many to choose from and I already have a few I already want next time I order:) As I said, you can find them here on her Etsy shop and they retail for just under 9$ a bottle:)
What do you guys think of them? Do you own any? If not, go to her store and tell me which you would love to try:)

I am so glad to be back and able to take pictures again:) I already have a few posts set up but wanted to share these with you guys first. But I shall be back very soon with a new post. Hope you guys enjoyed this one and hope you like picture heavy posts!!!  Love to hear from you all:)

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