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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Essie "Mint candy apple" and f4polish "Splat"

Warning!!! This post may make you crave mint chocolate chip ice cream!!!

HAHA!! Ok now that you have been warned, I can continue! In all seriousness, every time I looked at this mani, it made me think of and therefore crave mint chocolate chip ice cream. So, make sure you have eaten dinner first.

I have a really simple, quick one for you guys today. I actually did it a while back but never posted it because I didn't get the best pictures but, went through them again and decided to share a few with you. First the polishes I used were..

Essie "Mint Candy apple" : A cream mint green pastel. A tad on the thick side so only took two coats to get an opaque finish. This color was on my wishlist forever. I had seen so many gorgeous swatches and was just swooning over it. I was so happy to find out that Essie re-released it with other colors and are making them a part of the core line. So, I quickly got my hands on it and "Lady like" which was the only other re-released polish that I did not have and I must say, it certainly did not disappoint. It is perfect for Spring, obviously, but I think it is one of those colors that is great all year round and can be used in so many ways. If you don't have it, you certainly should. Even if you have some that are close to it, China glaze "For Audrey " is often compared to it, I would suggest getting it. But that's just me and I love Essie. I believe I own more Essie's then any other brand. Just go have a look at my stash and you will see how many I have:)

F4polish "Splat": this is another polish I wanted for a while. At first, you only saw it with indie makers but recently China Glaze released "whirled away" with their Cirque du soleil collection but they are a tad different. "whirled away" has big white circles. Well, before I keep going, "Splat" is, as described on their etsy page ,"Is a clear base with various shapes and sizes of white and black matte glitters and silver holographic glitters."  
It is a great topping for many manis and goes well with so many colors.

Anyhow, let's get onto the pictures. As I said, I didn't capture the best pictures but it is what it is....

I love the tiny holo glitter in it. That's what makes this one different than others out there. You will see this combo in a lot of the indie makers, but they all vary a bit. Not all of them have the holo glitter. Many are just black and white. Some only have the bars, some only circles.

As I said, just a quick post. You know me, I usually have a lot more pictures, lol. But, what do you guys think of this combo? Did it awaken your sweet tooth?? Craving mint chocolate chip ice cream? I am all over again!!!! Well hope you guys enjoyed it:) Till next time:)

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