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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Revlon "Moon candy" polishes.

So, have you guys seen the new trend of chunky pieces of glitter used as a top coat?? You probably heard them called "Flakies"?  I have seen them all over lately and they make for a very pretty top coat. Well, Revlon has a whole line of them called "Moon Candy" and I had to get most of them.  I have heard some say these are more " iridescent shards of glitter" that what actual "flakies" really are. I think they're just gorgeous and that's what matters:). Revlon explains them as "Cosmic 3D effects for out-of-this-world nails!" They come in the same shape as their nail art pens, but these have a color on one end and the glitter on the other end. A creme color and its matching glitter. I decided to do a different color on each finger. The whole set consists of eight different duos but I used five. The five I used are, from my thumb to my pinky..

Thumb:  "satellite", which is a dark, maroon red creme, almost a blood red, with iridescent, gold and pink flakie glitter in a light clear, pink base.

Index: Meteor", which is a real dark, green. The best way for me to describe this green is as "army green" and, with iridescent, minty green  flakie glitter in a light, clear, green base.

Middle: "Galactic", which is a a navy blue creme with iridescent, aqua blue flakie glitter in a light, clear, blue base.

Ring: "Orbit", which is creme, dark purple with iridescent ,lilac flakie glitter in a light, clear, purple base.

Pinky: "Eclipse", which is a burgundy colored creme with iridescent pink and purple flakie glitter, in a  light,clear, pink base.

So, the whole point of these are to first, use the creme as your base, and then add the matching glitter (or you can change them up) as the top coat. Again, this time the longer version, Revlon had this to say about them "Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy™ allows you to get a gorgeous, iridescent effect inspired by outer space. The holographic glitter top coat is illuminated by the dark cream base coat, giving your nails a multi-dimensional look. The dual-ended package gives you everything you need to create a fun, cosmic look. " 

"Cosmic" really is a great word to use to describe the look. With me, "Orbit" especially gave me "Galaxy" looking nails. Anyhow, lets have a look, shall we?



In the sun, they really glisten.

I just LOVE the shards of glitter:)

See what I mean by it look like "Galaxy" nails?

So, overall, I really did like these. Especially "Orbit" because, as I mentioned, it really makes for "galaxy" nails in a bottle. My only complaint would be that they are on the small side. I only used one on each nail but I did do a full mani with another one I own and by the time I did all ten fingers, it was more than half gone. I really like the look so I am heavy handed with it, but even though, it did go a bit fast. But, I have six of these at the moment and that is not stopping me from planning on getting the remaining ones I am missing:) 

What do you guys think of these? Do you own any? If so which ones? IF not, which ones would you love to own?

Revlon polishes are available at most drugstores and vary in price. Usually from 5.99$ to 9.99$, here in Canada. These moon candy polishes were 8.49$ each. All polishes are purchased with my own money and all reviews are my honest opinions. 


  1. Are you kidding?! I LOVE these! Right up on my W/L!!!

    1. They're super fun and easy. If you're like me and don't have the best look with really intricate mani's, such as galaxy nails, its a great and fast way to get a cool, unique look:)