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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Glitzology "Boy girl party" over Nopi "Love song"

Good evening all. Hope everyone is doing well tonight. I still don't have my camera. Seems to be taking forever!!! Since I have not been getting many more people offering to do guest spots for me, I decided to show you this mani. I was originally planning on waiting until I had mani's using all 4 of my Glitzology polishes and do one post on all of them together, but plans change:) So,  before I start I must say how awesome and nice Stacy Boyd over at Glitzology on etsy is. She was having a sale and being someone who can never pass up a sale, I decided to try out her polishes and chose "Crunch berries" and "Nebula". They arrived and whereas "Crunch Berries" was a cute, fun color and had a great quality, my "Nebula" was on the thick and goopy side. Not being sure if this is perhaps the way this polish is and if I was just being difficult, I decided to post a picture of it on one of my nail polish groups. A friend of mine who saw it, tagged Stacy, and within not even an hour she told me to message her on Etsy to work something out. Not only did she replace the bottle without any fuss , but she offered to send me another, full sized bottle, may I add, on her. Seeing as she was offering to do so, I ordered one more for myself, the gorgeous "Boy girl party" which is what I am showing you tonight. She just showed such great costumer service and has an amazing attitude and never made me feel guilty for saying something about her polish and was more then eager to help solve the situation. Just offering to replace it is something that a lot people would hesitate to do. I know one shop, which I won't mention because I am not into starting drama, made it feel like pulling teeth to replace a bottle that arrived to me half empty. I really think things like this just happen because the replacement bottle and all the other 3 polishes I own of hers are great and easy to work with. I know many other people who also have her polishes and they have no issues with it. SO I just wanted to share my awesome experience in dealing with Stacy and now onto the good stuff, her polish!!

"Boy girl party" was not one of the polishes I got in my original order. I had spent quite some time debating between it and "crunch berries" and went with the latter but am so glad I did get it. IT ended up being my favourite. It goes great with so many colors but I went with purple. Here's the polishes I used.

Boy girl party: Who can explain it better then Stacy herself, so taken from her description on Etsy, "This color reminded me of being young and being invited to my first "boy girl party". HaHa, those were the days! This polish is a mix of bright blue, white, and pink. It features a wide variety of shapes and sizes of glitter, including squares, hexes, bars, and even some stars!"

Nopi "Love song" from the Selena Gomez collection: a soft, creme lilac, perfect for Spring. Great formula, I used two coats.

So, onto my nails. I LOVE the way this came out. As I said, I could see this polish over a lot of other colors. I contemplated a bright pink or a light blue but glad I went with purple:)

I wasn't able to get the best pics this time around:( I hate the lighting in some of these. In some the purple looks darker but the lighter ones are truer to its real life look.

Anyone who known me well knows I LOVE blue and I love stars. Perhaps that is why this polish appeals to me so well. They also spread on nice and easily. No fishing needed.

I know we can all see that little white piece on my middle finger sticking out. Its my fault for adding another coat on that finger after I had already added my top coat and not adding another one.

And so , there you have it. Hope you guys enjoyed this mani as much as I did. And I strongly suggest you go on over to Glitzology on etsy and have a look at all her polishes. There are so many pretties, it's hard to choose. I will definitely be buying more.

Do you own any of her polishes?? If so, which ones? What color would you use it with?? Or would you try it alone??
Love to hear from all of you and hope to have my camera back soon and can't wait to show you the rest:) 

Till next time,

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