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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Guest blogger Becca from frankenfemme

Hello Nailtastic Lovelies!

  My name is Becca from and when Krystal
asked for a guest poster I jumped at the chance! This is my very first
guest post so I'm pretty stinkin excited! When I asked Krystal what
kind of post she was looking for she suggested possible nail art. Now,
I'm going to be honest with you guys, my heart pretty much stopped. I
am a frankener by nature so my nail art skills would be whatever is
below NONEXISTENT. But today I decided to step out of my comfort zone
to show you not only a couple of frankens, but also my attempt at
Valentine's nail art.

I started off with a base of a holo foil franken that I made (recipe
for the franken will be going up on my blog in the next couple of
weeks). I am IN LOVE with this franken, it's basically a one coater.
The holo is gorgeous in the sunlight while the foil still keeps it
interesting in the shade. Here is a picture of the foil in direct

Then, I cut up a couple of pieces of tape into the shape of square and
put them on opposite corners of my ring finger to basically create a
checkerboard pattern. I then painted the un-taped portions of the nail
with another franken, this time a pink toned raspberry linear holo
(recipe already up on the blog!). I waited about 10-15 seconds before
peeling the tape off (waiting too long will make the polish tacky and
keep you from getting crisp lines). I applied one coat of Sally Hansen
Insta-Dry and waited a couple minutes. Finally, I free handed hearts
over the checkerboard using Zoya Blaze and an unfolded paper clip
(just call me MacGuyver). Topped it off with Sally Hansen Insta-Dry
again and voila, done!

Now in no way is it the Mona Lisa of nail art, but for being a noob
such as myself I was pleased with it :)

And now for the MVP's of the game

Feel free to check out my blog for the franken recipes as well as to
find out how to make other types of polish! I'd love to see you there!
Plus, I have a giveaway ending 2/14 for a free custom full sized
franken, check it out!

Well that's all for this mani. Thank you so much Krystal for letting
me guest post! Hope you ladies have a wonderful rest of your day :)



  1. BRAVO!! Your mani is neat,crisp and draws the eye and makes me want to do it.

    Heading over to your page to admire more.

    from sunny south ALABAMA; Deborah

    1. Thank you so much Deborah! Your kind words MAY have inspired me to work on my nail art skills :)