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Sunday, 29 July 2012

nail polish stones:)

So here is something fun I have been wanting to try for a while! I saw a DIY thing on making polish rings, so I ordered some Cabouchons from a girl and I am awaiting for the ring bases. But in the meantime, I had seen someone say that they got some stones at the dollar store and I went on a search. I say search because I looked and looked and looked some more and didn't find any. I had pretty much given up, and, like always, when I wasn't looking for some, I found them!! I got a bag at the dollar store of about 30, but they were HUGE. a lot bigger then I wanted.

as opposed to the small ones I got for making rings, these are big. They would be perfect for necklaces and, perhaps, a huge ring. The ones I will be using for rings are these.
But, I wanted to try something so, I just put polish on the big stones for now. I have seen people make "polish stones" as they called them. So, originally, I just did polish and added a few designs, mainly lines to do a sort of zebra print. this is how they came out.

remember to , unlike when doing your nails, add the stripes first, then the color. Since you're doing it backwards, so it shows on the other side. If I had not seen someone do it that way first, I may not have been smart enough to realize it, so just thought I would share that:)so I just added black and silver stripes and then , when it was dry, added red on top of it.

this one is just black stripes and then orange for a tiger look:)Then, since I had so many that were just stripes, I added some dots.

this is my FAV! I just put a bunch of sparkles and then added a black coat. Again, I am sorry for my picture quality, it looks much better in person:)

Then, when I did all these, I thought to myself, why not do some designs. I must add that I am AWFUL at drawing. I am not just saying that. I have come to terms with it and learned to accept it. So, I cant draw the best designs but this is what I did try.

Music notes.....

 an Anarchy sign, for my rebellious sign. It is also something I used to always doodle when I was a teen so....

Can you tell what it is before I tell you?? Well, its a cat:):) I have not yet added a back color to it and deciding if I should or not.....

a "Nirvana" smiley face:)

Ying and Yang

And a peace sign!

I cant wait, to get my ring bases and start making some rings!! I had 2 small ones that I got from a friend to try out before I got mine. This is what I did. Cant really see but its just lines and a back color. I got them from a friend, as I said for 6$ and came up to 10$ with shipping. I believe I may have paid a bit high for them but I really wanted them and wasn't able to find some. The ring bases I got from ebay. I got 50 for 5$. Just waiting for them to arrive..... I cant wait to show you guys what I make with them.
So, what do you guys think of these?? I also made one, that I didn't show because you cant see the color, with a glow in the dark polish. Its so cool. The stone glows in the dark:) I put a few in some plants and on my dresser. Makes cute decoration pieces. The possibilities are endless with where/what you can do with them once they are done. Dont forget, that once they are dry, I suggest leaving them overnight, to add a top coat to them, just as you do with your nails, so the polish doesn't chip from the stones. Well, hope you guys try these. Its actually quite fun and gets the creative juices going:) Dont forget to share pics with me if you do try them! would love to see what you guys come up with!!

till next time, keep on painting those nails and creating to your hearts desire!!


  1. Love your designs! I just got a whole bunch of different sized cabochons and I'm going crazy painting them! It's so much fun lol

  2. EEEEEE so cute!!! Awesome idea!!! :D