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Sunday, 15 July 2012


SO, if you recall my last post was about how excited I was that I made an order for my first Nfu oh polishes and my first Zoya. Usually, it takes a while for things to arrive via mail, but I got free shipping since I spent over 25$. SO, I choose the Air mail or whatever. It was the fastest one and I made the order on Sunday night and got it on TUESDAY!!! I was very HAPPY!!

Usually when I get a box, I somewhat know what is in it, but I had no clue this time. I was not thinking it would be these SO FAST!

Hmm...WHat could it be....

Here what I got:)
Nfu oh #63 and 51 and Zoya Veruschka. A very gorgeous green matte.

Now, before I made the order I asked a lot of people if I should get the base coat. The response was 50/50. So, instead of spending 10$ on it I got the Zoya. However, I had a hard time applying the Holo:( It had balding and such....

Ive been told quite a few different tricks so I will have to try them. Mainly, to not put any base coat, just the polish, then top coat, then polish and so on. I tried it on one nail and it worked a lot better. So I will be doing that next time:)
The Flakies are another story. I LOVE them and not problem applying those. I put it over Essie Sexy divide"(as seen on one finger in the above pic) and OPI "black Onyx. Looks great over dark colors.

I know, my pics are not the best and in these pictures I did not yet do the clean up but wanted to show you guys:)

What Holo polishes do you guys own? How do you apply it?

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