Fast Blinking Hello Kitty

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Minnie mouse nails:)

SO, I saw a version of this somewhere on pinterest and I loved it:) I suck at drawing anything (seriously, my stick figures are bad) so usually when I see what some people are able to do with their nails, I am in shock. Luckily, this here is easy and cute. And, minnie mouse is so cute. This is my first try and some came out better then others but, practice makes better (not perfect, nothing is perfect) so I will try again. You will need some dotting tools. I have the actual dotting pens, which you can get for really cheap on ebay, however, if you don't have any, their are a few tricks. You can use a toothpick or bobby pin. Just dip one end into the polish, let it dry, and then dip again. You can keep doing so until you get the size you want. Heres a great video that I love. Shes a great girl and is full of awesome ideas. Worth subscribing to:)

On to the nails:) For this, I used Essie "Cascade cool" and OPI "black onyx" . I was going to use Essie's "off the shoulder" which is a pink but for some reason, I thought that "Cascade cool" was a better choice. I now have the Opi Minnie mouse collection, so I will use that next time but, anyhow.

I just love the way this looks!! its super easy as well. Just make a dot and then make 2 smaller dots for the ears and Voila!

Afterwards, I wanted more pink so I added my new OPI DS "Reserve" I added it to my pinky and middle finger and to the tips of the others. I know I don't take the best pics and I am working on making a light box. The picture does not do "Reserve" justice. its a beautiful color!

OPI DS Reserve
                                                       with flash

                        without flash.

This is my first OPI DS. After getting this one and seeing how beautiful it is, I am going to be getting more!! They have quite a few. Took a picture of them at my nail store.
The blue, silver and red are must haves for me! (you can also see the Minnie mouse display next to it:)
Do you own any DS from this line of any of the old ones?? What do you think of them?

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think:)