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Monday, 16 July 2012

July Julep "it girl" maven box

Not sure if its because I was really anxious to get this box or what but it seems it took forever to come! Was happy when I got it. This month, if youre in the States, you got "America for free" and  if in Canada, you got "O Canada" for free. Being in Canada, I got the "O Canada" but loved the look of the American one so I added it:) Of course . it also came with other polishes. "KAte" a white cream, "Daphne" a blue/green color and "Mila" a beautiful sparkle polish:) IT came with the suggestion of using them to make a "french" mani, with a twist. I havent tried it yet, but I think I will do just that:)  Heres what they look like:)

and this here is the add on. It is the first time I get an add on (this is only my second box) and, for some reason, they ship it separately. It actually came a few days before the Maven box. Overall, I am happy with it and LOVE the glitter polishes!

Are any of you singed up with Julep to get your monthly MAven box? I think it is well worth it and what I especially like about it is that there is no commitment. If, for whatever reason, you want to skip a month, you can do so. You get to see what the boxes are before they are shipped and, you can also decide to switch which category you are. When you sing up, you take a quiz and they suggest a category that best suits you. I was given "It girl" and I like it. I especially like it because it always includes 3 polishes instead of 2:) The others have 2 polishes and usually something else, such as pedicure cream or lip gloss. Also, when you sing up, the first month is only one cent! So, its a price you cant go wrong with, to give it a try. SO , if you would like to try it, use this link. It is my link.
I do recommend it. I like the quality and their colors never disappoint!!:):)
LEt me know if you decide to try it out. And let me know, if you're already a member, what you got and what kind of mani you did:) I'm anxious to try these out and will show you when i do:)
Thats it for now my lovelies:) 


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