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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sinful colors "pinky glitter"

 I am IN LOVE with MATTE POLISH!!! I searched forever for a top coat and finally got one in a swap with the wonderful Jen from  She has a wonderful FB page, make sure to have a look at it:) However, as great as the NYC matte top coat I got from Jen is, I dont want to use too much of it. I wanna save it!! LMAO!! No, but I love matte and polishes that are Matte are great. I bought this one and was totally surprised to find out that it was matte. It is Sinful colors "pinky glitter". Dont you love tho oh so simple, obvious name? Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised, when I put it on, just to try it out \, that it dried as a matte. I thought that maybe I was seeing things, but no, its dries matte and is beautiful. I am very happy with it!

as you can see, I tried to add some art and did a heart. As you can also see, it was a total fail....

 I am wearing it on top of  SAlly Hansen "Twisted pink" and Revlon "Electric pink" to have the total pink effect:)
cant really see but this is the best picture to try and show you the matte effect it has.

Do you guys have any polishes that turned out matte unexpectedly? Or any mattes that you would recommend? I just got Zoya "Veruschka" which I will do a post on soon, and love it. Do you guys agree with the whole matte faze? Do you also love it? Let me know what you think:):)

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  1. nice!

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