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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Lush Lacquer "birthday cake" and "lite bright"

I have been going to the mail box all day this week just hoping and waiting for these to arrive. Seeing as today was Friday I was really hoping that they would arrive and they did!! I am SO HAPPY! My first indies. Well apart from Floam, which O bought from someone. I also have Pretty and Polished "party on my yacht" which, now that I have them both really reminds me of "Birthday Cake" but I will do a post on it next. So without further ado, onto these beauties!!!
 Here they are next to each other:)

Macro shot of Birthday cake. Its a white base packed with colorful sparkles. Purple, pink and blue dots and lines.I love it and understand why its called birthday cake. I just want to eat it when I look at it. Gives me an automatic sweet tooth!!Heres lite bright!!

I showed this to my brother and said "you remember how we loved playing with our "lite bright" when we were kids? well look at this, doesn't it just remind you of all the lights and colors of it?" Whereas he remembers the toy, it took some convincing to show him the connection. But then again, hes a guy who doesn't get the whole polish thing. He did agree thought, albeit after a few minutes, that it did resemble the little pegs. I don't even know if that what they had in mind when they made it, but that's what I think of when seeing it:)

I right away tried the "Lite bright" over the polish I had on, which happened to be Essie's "Mojito Madness" and it did look not too bad. Which leads me to believe that this polish will look good and go with just about any polish:) I did not take a pic though but will soon be doing a full mani with it. I did, however, put "birthday cake" on:) I put it on top of Color Club "Paris White". I found it a bit light alone, but it did look good. I just wanted the white to really show and I also didnt want to put on a lot of coats. Even though, I dont think I would of had to. It has a real great consistency and usually sparkle polishes have are very light with the first coat, especially the base color, but this one wasnt that bad. I did, however, still put the white on as a base. I had tried it over the polish I was wearing originally, which was a "Skittles" mani with the new Essies "Bikini so teeny" line and loved the way it looked over "Bikini so teeny" so I left my middle fingers like that:)

Color Club "Paris White" as a base.

 SO.....NOT the best pictures, I know. I took the with the web cam. I do think they have somewhat better quality then when I take them with my phone. I am working on better pics!

 This is pre cleanup. As you can see, I got them on my cuticles:( HATE THAT!

 So, waht do you guys think of these? Which is your fav? I am into this whole indy kick now. What are your fav indies and which do you recommend? Hope you guys enjoyed.


  1. So pretty!! :D
    I wish Nerd Lacquer were still around, as they are some of my all-time favourite indie polishes.

  2. YEs , so do I! I have seen some awesome swatches. I missed out on a lot since I am new to the indie buying. I just got Floam after searching forever for one!