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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Essie "Mirror Metallics" in Good as gold and Blue rhapsody

Hello my lovelies:) I have some pretties for you today:) I have been wanting to try these out since I saw some swatches a few weeks ago! I only got 2 from the collection. and I am happy with my choices. I got "Good as Gold" which is a beautiful Gold metallic. 

The other one "Blue rhapsody" is a gorgeous light blue metallic. I love it! It shines in the sun and almost looks like aluminium paper on your nails...

I did my mani using the Blue rhapsody and added the gold to the tips of 2 fingers for a bit of bold touch to it. I will be using the gold ASAP so I will be posting it soon. But for now, heres what the blue looks like

Here it is with some light on it. You can see how the light just bounces off it. its beautiful. Wish I could capture it better....

Here is my pinky with the Gold on the tip

and on the thumb:)

 I wanted to incorporate some sparkles so on both ring fingers I added Hits Phenomena "Borealis" and "Air glow"  These are GORGEOUS glitter polishes and I have been wanting to try them out for awhile. They have been in my unused section forever, just never had the right mani to add it to. I will now be making a mani around it since I want to use it again. As the bottle says , they are "Glitter forte".

This one is "Air Glow" its gold and dark red , small sparkles. 

This here is "Borealis" it is jam packed with gold glitter goodness!

It did look good on top of the blue:) 

I put a coat of both on each ring finger:) 

So, overall, I am really happy with the way this turned out! I think it looked great. Cant wait to try out the GOld alone and show that to you guys. What do you guys think of this Metallic line from Essie. They have been hard to keep up with lately. Seems like they have a new collection every 2 weeks l; lately! and I LOVE ME SOME ESSIE!! Which ones do you guys have?
I am also glad I finally tried out my Hits polishes and want more of those as well....

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  1. Super gorgeous!! I love the gold and blue together!! :D