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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Pretty and Polished "Phoenix" over Essie "Action"

Hello all,
Well today is a mail day I wish would happen everyday. After getting my first Lush Lacquer polishes and loving them, decided to try out some more indies and went with Pretty and polished this time:)  I got "Phoenix" and "Punked up Betty"
Dont they just look so pretty!!!! Well, today I tried on Phoenix. Its the one I was most looking forward to getting so I took off what I had on right away and went for it. I did try it alone at first but thought that adding an orange base would make it POP more and I was right. I added Essie "Action" as the base.
 Here I am holding my pretty bottle with the polish on:)

I DEFINITELY LOVE this, if you didn't pick up on that yet. I know my lighting is not the best and some are blurry but this polish is just stunning. Since I added an orange base you cant really see the yellow sparkles all that much but they are in there. It is kind of the same formula as floam is, in the sense that I find the sparkles the same, but unlike floam, it leaves VNL even after 4 coats, but goes great over a color. May try yellow next or maybe even black.

 As you can see on a few nails, their are some red sparkles as well in the polish. Some tiny ones and some big ones. The big ones don't come out in every stroke though.

 This is my thumb and it does not have the yellow base. BEst pic I got of it but you can see that some nail is still visible.

 This nail lucked out and got 2 of the red circles:)

 So there you have it. I am happy I went with Phoenix and cant wait to try out Punked up Betty. I was really trying to decide about getting Tart and will be getting it soon. I am overall happy with their polishes. They are  8.50 USd each on their Etsy shop. You can purchase them here. I know a lot of people find the prices of indies to be high but if you get a few extra dollars some are really worth it. I love how unique Phoenix is. I don't own anything like it. Thats what I like about indies. I am in Canada so I get the whole cost being high, especially after the shipping so I treat myself to a few here and there. I certainly cant keep up like a lot of other bloggers do, but sure would if I could!:):)
etsy shop <where to purchase, however I just went to get the link and says she is on holiday at the moment........
So, do you guys own any Pretty and Polished polishes?? Which ones? What do you think of them? IS Phoenix the sort of color you would wear? I know a few people that saw it said they liked it but wouldn't wear it........

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