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Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas collaboration giveaway!!! This one is HUGE!!!!

HEllo all,
I am so happy and excited to be participating in my first giveaway. I am involved with a lot of great , fellow bloggers!!! Its a HUGE one and there will be, I believe, 28 winners! SO make sure you all participate! Jill over at jilltastic nail design is the wonderful and gracious host. She deserves a great big Thank-you for all the hard work she did for putting this huge thing together. I am sure it was no easy task and quite time consuming. So make sure you send her some love and participate! I am terrible at computers and such. I am surprised at what I am able to do and have learned just from doing this blog! LMAO!! Point is, I am not to sure how to put the rafflecopter on my own page and all that so for now I will just give you the link to Jill's page and you can find all the info that you need there. So good luck to all and have fun:):)

Enter here>>>>>>> giveaway

That is all for now! Talk to you soon:)

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