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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Teen polish Junkie

HEy all
Just a quick post on a cool giveaway I would like to share with you guys! Lots of indies and glitter!!! I really want to start trying to make my own polishes. Just for the fun of it. I know I would not be able to make some that are good enough to sale, but would love th learn. But, I have tried to make a few. I had that confetti stuff that a lot of us had from Halloween  It turned into quite a pretty holographic polish, however it did sink. I know I need to get stuff like suspension base and specific type of glitter.... But, as I said, its always fun to experiment:) So, go have a look at this giveaway and enter. Lots of goodies, as I said.:)

Enter here!  And good luck to all. I also have a Facebook page that is dedicated to just polish/beauty giveaways if you would like to join, you can send request here. Just a fun way for everyone to keep up and share giveaways.:)

Nighty night all:) xxx

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