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Thursday, 8 November 2012

OPI DS "Extravagance" and Manglaze "Matte is murder"

Hello again all,
Well I have to say I am really in love with the OPI DS collection that my drug-store has now. I know that they have been out for a while but, as always, in Canada, we are a bit late to the game. I have seen them around before out here at my polish outlet and I have "reserve" but when I went back to get more, they were all gone. That was about 6 months ago. It took all this time for them to be in my pharmacy. Last time I showed you guys DS "Classic" and if you missed it you can see it here and I had said that the next one I was going to get was the blue one, that I cant for the life of me remember the name of at the moment. I had it in my hand and was going to get it but I saw this one and I just thought it was gorgeous and had to get it. And like the other DS, that is weird for me because I don't just love blue polishes, I am obsessed with them! So to get another color of a collection when I don't yet have the blue not once, but twice, is just not me. But I am quite happy with my choice.
So on to my choice, DS "Extravagance" is a deep raspberry/mulberry with lots of scattered, holographic flecks. IT is beautiful in the shade and when you're just sitting on the couch, watching tv. I will be sitting, watching a show and look down at my nails and " Oh WOW! this color is just so pretty! WOW!! would you just look at that sparkle. I so love this color.. OOOOHHHH....AHHHHHH...... OH! Wait a minute, ok who is that guy? Is he a bad guy? do we know who he is???" LOL, I am not ashamed to admit it, I am one of the most annoying people to watch a movie/tv show with. I ask so many questions. Especially when I get distracted ,as I guarantee you will if you have this gem of a polish on:)
Ok, so, back to "Extravagance" I  just had to put it on as soon as I got it, so here are some swatches:)

 This shade is just so luxurious, I cant get over it! It has to be one of the strongest, scattered holo, I have seen to date!

This is two coats but with careful (which , when comes to applying polish never seems to work for me) application, one coat would probably do the trick.

 A lot of times, holo polishes can be a bit tricky to apply, but dare I say this was almost like butter?!?!? I went on very smooth and just perfectly. As I said one coat would do the job, but as a habit, I always do two.

 On a side note, I noticed that in past pictures, even with a perfect mani, something just didn't seem right. The tips always seemed to be missing a spot. So you can kind of see, especially in my index finger how it almost looks like I have black on the tip. No, I do not (not yet) I rounded of my tips for the first time. Something I have never done and thought of on my own and am shocked I never thought of it before. So I asked all the wonderful girls in the Facebook polish community and found out it is called the "outer tip/edge" and quite a few girls do paint it and it makes your mani last longer. So, I love stumbling upon something new and helpful!
 So as you can see, "extravagance" is a stunning deep raspberry/mulberry color. Sadly, there was not much sun and these pictures are taken inside but trust me, please, its gorgeous and full of sparkle and holo goodness  If you just move your hand slightly and get a different angle on the nails, you see the light hit certain spots and it just glitters and shines and, GORGEOUS!!!!!
AS I said, I took these inside, without a flash but I did capture this with the flash on and it looks just a gorgeous!

you really see the raspberry more with the flash.

SO, I always like to think of different ways a polish would look good. What other colors would it look good with? What kind of mani is it perfect for? And with this polish, I thought to myself, "it would look much more intense if I added a black base coat"." I think it would go great with black!"But I had just done this mani, loved it and didn't want to take it all off and add black underneath so, I said I would do that next time. Then I was , as I do maybe way too often online, looking at nail stuff and was on a facebook nail page when I saw another girl with this same polish but she had black tips and I thought " SHES A GENIUS !!" the girl was " Kara Stout" and you can see her blog post about it on her blog, here. She is a new blogger and from what I have seen, really seems to have the knack for it. Her pictures are gorgeous and clear and she is awesome at nail art. I am actually jealou,s as you all know I suck at art:( SO make sure you go have a look and follow her:):)

But, the idea I got from her was to add black tips to the mani. Like, how smart is she?? Here I am thinking "d'uh would look good with a black base, or just with black but don't want to take it all off just to add black so I will just wait" and it doesn't cross my mind to do tips?? I am ashamed of myself!!! so, I decided to do like her. I did, however, make my tips matte. I decided to try out my Manglaze "Matte is murder" since I had not yet tried it out and must say it again, Tara was genius with this combo! She also added some flowers to her nails, which I didn't have but liked the look so I added just a little, silver stone on my thumb:)

 This was my first time trying "Matte is murder". I love all my Manglaze polishes and can see some swatches here of my other Manglaze's but had yet to try this one and what a perfect way to try it:)

 Black really goes so well with this color! I still think that the black base would be awesome and will try it next time but the black tips are just.... I am speechless...

 I can't remember the last time I was so happy and pleased with a manicure I did. If you guys do not have "Extravagance" I really think it is a polish everyone should have. Even if you do not like holos, you should at least have one and this is the one to have. The color, the scattered holo, the application , just GET IT OK!! LOL.. sorry...but I really think this is a "staple" color. Everyone should have this in their collection. And not just talking about the OPI Ds series. I mean just as a polish. Not just to have a Ds, not just to have a holo, just to have this polish.

 I also must add that I added these black tips 2 days after I had applied the polish and as you can see there really is not chips at all. I do have on a top coat (Revlon, Multi care, base and top coat) and as I have said before I don't use top coats that often and base coats even less. I wonder if a base coat would have made it even better.....??

 And as I did before the tips, here are pictures with the flash. I love the color of it with the flash. Of course, these pictures, since it has a flash, is how it will look, well with a flash and with a lot of light, but I just think it looks so AWESOME (wow, I use that word a lot for someone who is almost 30) and as I said before, really shows the...well.....just look....

So, what do you guys think of this color? Is it just me that is going GAGA over it? DO you own it? If so what do you think of it? Own and of the Ds series?? Which ones? I have yet to meet/hear someone who says they do not like holo polishes.. are you one of the few?? I know I love them. Do you always wear base/top coat?? AM i asking a lot of questions??(HAHAHA) SO, I love hearing from all of you and don't forget to go and follow tara who is the genius behind this mani:) Hope you all are doing great and till next time, I have said this before and with all the drama I have seen going on in the polish community I commented this once or twice and has stuck with me since.... " LETS STAY DRAMA FREE BUT NEVER POLISH FREE" :)

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  1. Love this color! Fabulous mani for fall. I'm going to have to try this when I get some matte polish. I might try it with regular black today. Great post my friend.

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