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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

NFU-OH #65 and NFU-OH aqua base

How is everyone doing this evening? Im cold!! Just put my pj's on and big wool socks, so I should warm up shortly. Im just a baby, no one else in the house says they're cold.... But anyhow.... I want to share with you a polish that has been in my collection for a little while. Its NFU-OH #65, a gorgeous, light blue holo with a strong linear effect. So, I tried this when I first got it. I had got this and #63 and was so happy. They were my first ever holo polishes. I had to put them on right away, I had not, however, heard about the aqua base or issues with applying. So I just put it on as I do with any other polish and it was a huge miss. I had bald patches all over the place. Even with adding coat after coat to try and cover the bald patches, it didn't work. I was disappointed  Then some girls told me not to wear any base coat at all. That did work a bit better, but it wasn't as gorgeous as I had seen in swatches. I really didn't want to order the aqua base. I hate buying a polish that is not a polish! But I did and must say, if you are going to get any of these babies, I strongly recommend it. I have also tried it with other holo polishes and it works just as well with them. So I was happy...BUT THEN, I went to put it on yesterday and when I opened my bottle, the polish was all thick and gloopy:( Apparently  I was not the only one to face this issue. Many others have had the same issue and said that adding thinner didn't help. However, all were talking about the gry holo (not sure of #), apparently that is the worst one for getting thick.) So, being that I never throw away polish (I have some that are 6 years old..) and that its a beautiful and pricey polish, I decided to try it on anyhow. And, even thought it was thick, it went on fine, so I am happy. My other bottle is also a bit thick but not as much. Guess I will just have to use them up quickly.....
Back to the polish, as I said, it is a gorgeous and VERY holographic polish. As I have said many times before, I LOVE blue and this shade certainly did not disappoint in color. All application issues aside, it is a great color. And they dry super fast as well. By the time I went to work on my second hand, the first was dry:) You guys wanna see pictures??? Well, I wanna share them!!

All are 2 coats of the aqua base, followed by 3 coats and taken indoors with artificial light. (summer is gone and we have had nothing but grey days out here)

Just look at that holo goodness!!! SO gorgeous!!:):) I love how you can see a sort of "rainbow" of colors in certain spots. It's right wherever the light hits it.
I do have on my new seche vite top coat on top but something I did not notice while wearing it but I see now is that  in certain pictures, it kind of looks matte? See that?
I added this one, which to some may seem like a bad shot, because I LOVE the way the ring finger looks. You can really see all the beautiful holo of the polish:)

Something I forgot to add, which is a trademark of this polish is there bottles. They're so very cute. The cap is a corset. Quite unique for a polish:)
I also added this one to show that, at certain times, this polish may not seem as awesome as everyone proclaims it to be. Without light, it doesn't shine but once there's light and especially sunshine, its just POPS!!!
and here is the aqua base I was telling you about. It's a lot darker then most base coats. When I just had that on, it actually looked good alone. I mean, for just a clean nails look. I always have polish on but if ever, for some strange reason, I wasn't wearing any, I would consider putting this on to make my nails white and shiny, if not for the price of it.
HEHEHEHEHE:) and of course,  as always, Karma was around for the fun. She's always nearby, curious as to what I am doing. It also always seems, that as soon as I am done my nails, she is just desperate to play or be pet. It's as if she knows and is trying to make me choose!!!! I love her to death but my nails must dry Karma:)

And there we have it. I would recommend these if just for their colors. They do have a lot of the core holo colors and they are beautiful. I do however have some called "Up colors' and I also got a light blue holo from them and it was just as pretty and cost less. ( I got those from  llarowe) I would not recommend buying a whole bunch at once since I heard from a few people that they also experienced their polish thickening on them. At the time I got these, not many brands had holo polishes out. Now it seems every brand is coming out with some so I am sure there're are many around for cheaper and good quality. I have heard a lot of good about the Color Club ones and those are cheap. Sadly, I don't get those out here. I would really like to get my hands on the Layla ones as well. I have so many of their magnetic ones and now my store just got the "mirror effects" ones. Hope the holo ones come out. They're also quite pricey though. I had to purchase my NFU-OH from which is a great site for fellow Canadians. Shipping is free for purchases over 25$ ( I always wait until there is 25$ worth of stuff I want) and shipping is fast! It's also my go to place for many polishes I can not get out here.

So, what do you guys think of NFU-OH polishes?? Do you own any? If so which ones? And did you experience thickening? Are you on board with the whole holo phase? Which holo brands do you like? Love hearing from all of you. Hope you like my post and keep coming back for more:)
And remember, stay drama free but never polish free:):)_


  1. Love that polish. Would give anything to find one cheap. I'd settle for an empty bottle since that is just too cute. I love that bottle.

    1. The bottles are cute!! I would send you an empty bottle but I NEVER finish my polishes. Once they get to the half way mark, if I even get to there, I get nervous and cheap with it! lol. Keep your eyes out for blog sales. I see them for cheap on those sometimes...