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Friday, 16 November 2012

OPI DS MAGIC-my DS obsession continues..

Hello again,
As I said, my DS obsession continues. I am in love with these polishes. I have 6 now and want all!! Don't you hate (well by hate I mean LOVE) when you just MUST HAVE a whole collection, no matter what. These have been pretty pricey for me. Usually I get OPI at my nail outlet store but they didn't have them last time I went. I got my first one from there for 8$ (why did I not get all) but didnt go GAGA over them. I had gotten "Reserve" and it is gorgeous but didn't feel the need to get them all until I got "classic" and saw swatches of others.... So, as I said in my last posts about my previous DS purchases ""extravagance" and "classic" I was surprised at myself for not getting the blue one first. SO, that is the one I got next. DS "Magic" however I must say I was not as impressed as I was with the previous two. Dont get me wrong, it is a pretty color but it was not as holo and stunning as the other two. See for yourself....

DS "Magic"  is a very rich, dark blue, full of glass specks.When looking at the bottle it has a purple duochrome look to it but its not as visible on the nails as it is in the bottle. I have actually heard a few girls say they were expecting some purple to appear but did not see any at all. I do see the duochrome of the polish , albeit slightly, but it was impossible to capture with the camera:(  With the first coat, it is very sheer. I was quite surprised. It did not look at all like the bottle. There was VNL and it was quite light. Two coats did make it darker and a bit better but it took three to make it look like the polish that I bought:) SO this is three coats with no top coat. Please forgive my cuticles at the tips. They have gone through so much lately and it shows....

 As I said, it was impossible to catch the duochrome of this polish and a lot of pictures showed of a lot lighter then it really is. These are inside with the light on and no flash.

 You can see it best in this picture. How it sparkles and the deep and rich blue of it. Its one of those polishes that you see different shades of it as you move your hands.

 You can almost see some purple in this one. Its very subtle though...

So as I said, I was not as impressed with this one at all. I do love blues and this is a gorgeous blue, but seeing as it is a DS, and they are asking more money for them, I was expecting a bit more. Especially since I cant say enough good things about the other two. SO I was wondering what I could add to it to make it stand out more. As you saw in my "Extravagance post, I was inspired by a mani I saw online and I loved that polish but once I added the black tips to it, it was just so much more gorgeous!! SO I was wondering what to add to the tips of these when I spotted my Zoya "Maisie" bottle that I have yet to really use. I tried it on one finger and it was , in my opinion, a perfect match! I loved it! Have a look:)

Well before I go on, Zoya "Maisie" is from their Spring 2012 fleck effect collection. They have three but the one I have is light blue and green flecks in a sheer blue base. It is a flakie overcoat that is made from mylar (I had no idea what that was so I looked it up. It is "a form of polyester resin to make heat resistant plastic films and sheets"). I got it specifically to make jelly sandwiches but have not used it for that lately. It is not really a polish that can be worn alone but its a great top coat that really adds a punch to most polish. It went great with "Magic" and really saw the green come out..

 You really see the green in Maisie come out. And it just goes so well with Magic. I was really happy with how this turned out.

 DECISIONS DECISIONS!!!!! When I was taking the pictures, I couldn't decide if I should make it matte or not. I love matte flakies. Its one of my fav mani's. SO I added matte to the right hand. I hardly ever show this hand because I hate how yellow my index and thumb are from my nasty, disgusting, smoking habit. But I love how it looks matted so I added the pictures. Ignore the yuckyness...

You can really see the green and blue specks in the picture of the bottle. I really like this polish. As I said it really makes polish "POP"

This is my bottle of NYC "Matte me crazy". Its the only matte top coat I have and I love it!

And finally, to finish it all off, I had just gotten my micro (caviar) beads from ebay. I really wanted to try them out. This is what I got.
and seeing as the green really popped I decided to go with the turquoise/greenish beads. The ones on the left middle row. Its not as blue as the picture looks. However, it was a real FAIL! I added them by putting a clear top coat on my nails and then rolling my fingers into the beads. Next time I will do the "pouring" method. They clumped together in places and there was bald spots all over, especially the tips, which I did about three times but just would go on. But the biggest mistake I made, which I know now, was adding a top coat on top of them when I was done. This made it look very gloopy and just messy. All the same here is what it looked like,

 See the mess of it? The color combo is great but it just looks horrible! Too bad...

 as I said, I just couldn't get them to stay on the tips. And not after a little bit of wear, this is RIGHT AFTER I DID THEM!

See that mess in the middle? All that gloop? And bald spots? I now know not to add top coat because what a mess it makes!

 But look how perfectly the beads go with this mani!!! Its same as "Maisie" , basically. Don't you just love when that happens:):)

Well, there we have it. Hope you guys enjoyed my new post. What do you guys think of DS "Magic". Do you think it is worthy of being a DS? Did you like it better once I added "Maisie"? And what do you think about caviar nails? I know my bff hates them. When I told her I had ordered some she gagged saying that it looks so gross. I don't think so. I mean, mind do, yes but if done properly, I like the look of it. If you have some, what are your methods of applying them? Love to hear from all of you! Till next time, keep on polishing them nails:)


  1. Gorgeous!! I love how this manicure kept evolving!! :D It looks absolutely stunning with Maisie over top!!

    1. HAHAHA!! it did keep evolving. Thats what I love about polish. I suck at artsy stuff. Cant draw a stick person if my life depended on it. SO I get to express my creative side, or lack thereof on my nails:) Thanks, Maisie sure did take it a step up:)